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Shannon Polok

NLP, Time Line Therapy 
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

I work with individuals who are changing career or life direction who are seeking strategies

About me

My Clients are individuals who:
• Are looking to be held accountable to become what they know is possible.
• Desire to find fulfillment in their career with new skills or change.
• Creating or deepening meaningful relationships.
• Seeking to build the health and fitness that makes life a pleasure.
• Are looking to make change now.

What I do for my clients is create a judgement free space where they can get clarity on what it is they truly desire. Some are ready to jump straight in and creating this vision. Others find they have been stuck in unresourceful patterns for some time and benefit from a process to give them tools and insights that get them in the mental emotional and physical state to truly create to the life they know is possible is best for them.

Once my clients have created an empowering vision, I serve by helping identify and supporting as they excavate roadblocks that have held them back in the past and getting them excited about the possibilities also provide ongoing accountability to ensure they build a pattern of taking action towards your goal.

I have coached individuals over the last 3 years ranging from people simply wanting to make positive change in their lives to Entrepreneurs striving to build enterprises to benefit the world to coaches looking to move to the next level in truly serving their clients.
I am an NLP trained Life Coach, I have been extensively trained through one of the most preeminent Australian coaching organisations “The Coaching Institute“ which have given me incredible education, insight and understanding into why people do what they do as well as the psychology in behind that. Along with that I have 19 years of experience in multiple business environments this has allowed me to create a powerful combination of experience, processes, knowledge and strategies that I bring to my clients.

How will serve you, today, to make your life a masterpiece?



Online Coaching Program
Email Coaching

Fee description

Fees: from $140 USD to $220 USD

Single Session (55min) $220
6 Months (3 session per month) $2999
12 Months (3 session per month) $4999
12 Week Online Coaching with email accountability and feedback $599


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