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Shareta Berry

Certified Christian Life Coach 
Richmond, Virginia, United States
Empowerment/Life Coach that helps push people to their purpose in life.

About me

Shareta Berry a native of Baltimore, Maryland an Ordained Minister, Online Radio Broadcaster, Business Owner, Holds a Degree in Psychology. Shareta Berry is a Empowerment Coach, with over three years mentoring others from around the word. Shareta Berry took the next steps and used all that she has learned as a leader in the Church and within the community serving and helping other to use her experience to step out and offer Empowerment, Life etc. Coach to others that need that guidance to push forward in life,

Shareta Berry is not one of the normal coaches that you see today, She digs to the root of why a person needs life coaching and once that is found she helps others to build a solid foundation so that they can start to see changes not just within themselves but within those they love.

Coaching with me

Coaching with me offers a lot of benefits from helping you with inner healing from being overwhelmed with life/work/career. Coaching will allow one to tap into their inner self to dig out your purpose so that you are able to create the life that you desire or the life that you have once dreamed of as a child growing up. Coaching with me offers a wide insight to what the big picture maybe or finding that one thing that you have an issue with and then creating a foundation working on the smaller and then moving forward to a bigger and then taking them and creating a successful lie/career/or working towards your personal goals for yourself and for your family.
When I do all my coaching either one on one or groups setting or online, I start out with playing some meditation music to first help everyone to relax so that everyone will feel comfortable talking and no one feels shy. I believe that in order for people to open up about things such as personal or non-personal they have to feel at home or relaxed. Then from their we introduce each other and we take it one step at a time and I try not to overwhelm with a lot of questions all at one time.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

One on One Personal Empowerment Development Coaching, Working on Time Management Skills, Core Development, Stress Management, Developing your own personal profile to success.
Coaching is done via webcam, through Skype. These sessions are set up for those that want one on one interaction on screen. Sessions details personal core inner development self awareness skills. . (Must have access to webcam and able to access Skype)
Short courses or group coaching
Four week sessions that are either done in a group coaching session or one on one. This is a short courses that deals with personal development that will help lead to inner healing, goal setting skills and career coaching development skills.
Ongoing training
Ongoing training includes coaching classes that are given based on the area that you need coaching in. We have 1yr Coaching sessions that deals with personal development getting your life in order and on track..

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Psychology.
In the past I had a lot of issues and problems with moving forward, understanding what it means to work on your own self before you are able to help someone else. I was so fearful of success and the benefits that comes with it. Scared of stepping out on faith. But with the help of a lot of mentors and life coaching I was able to defeat a lot of personal and inner fears.

I was a High School Dropout, when I was 17 I had my first child. Now I am a mother of Six Children and one Grandson and about to become a wife for the first time. I went back to school with the encouragement from my mentors and family and friends. after that I went to college and obtained my degree in Psychology and I went on to become an ordained Pastor, and Radio Host Broadcast and opening my very own business.

I am not saying that my life was good, I had a lot of challenges from Domestic Abuse, to Rape, to Molestation, to Homeless to finding my way to Christ.

Now I am helping others to get over the hump of fear, and low self esteem and moving towards success and purpose.

Fee description

Fees: from $175 USD to $400 USD

One on One Private sessions fees - $175.00 hour
Group sessions - $375 one time fee
Monthly Coaching Sessions Varies
Payment plans are set up with a 50% down and the rest is due after sessions are completed.


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