lifecoach $600 USD Sharlene Randall Sharlene Randall I am a Life Coach for five years. I specialize in making people reach and exceed their goals.
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Sharlene Randall

NYC, New York, United States
I am a Life Coach for five years. I specialize in making people reach and exceed their goals.

About me

I am a college graduate who has always had the gift of speaking and communicating. I realized five years ago that i could use that gift to help others. It started with friends and family,helping some of them become successful or just have the family life that they wanted. People dont realize that sometimes you create what you want. I believe sometimes you just need that push to realize your potential. I have had to realize that in my own life and thats when I was born as a life coach. No matter what your current situation is you can be fulfilled in your life.

Coaching with me

I have help clients receive great results in relationships. I have also helped individuals start a business of their dreams. I have also helped individuals go back to school when they believed it was too late or they couldn't do it.
I like to coach trough deep interesting conversation allowing us to be open. When you are open with someone you are open to receive advice and open for evaluating change.


consists of assessing and strategizing,realizing goals so proper protocols can be taken. Helping my clients realize where they want to be or how they want to feel so they can get there
communicating back and forth, answering burning questions so that we can get to know feelings good and bad and so I can help get them on the right track
Short courses or group coaching
group coaching consists of speeches and handing out brochures. I encourage healthy conversation between myself and the group.
Ongoing training
For clients that i have ongoing training with we will stick to goals and continue until we reach results

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Assocites Degree
  • Bachelors Degree in Law
  • Child Abuse prevention certificate
  • Paraprofessional
  • Foster parent
I have always been interested in helping individuals. I have had my share of situations that I had to break through such as poverty and domestic violence to see what the other side looks like. I feel if i can make it through so can many other individuals with a little help. I pushed myself to become educated and instill my knowledge in others. I worked in the school system for many years where i had to interact with Adults who were just trying to take care of their families. I would see that any little bit of information in family, school, relationships, employment, confidence and motivation would help them.

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $600 USD

100- one hour session
250- two and a half hour session
100-250 per person for group sessions(depending on length of time and subject matter


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