lifecoach $75 USD Sharon Schmidt Sharon Schmidt I am a widowed mom to 5 boys with disabilities from autism to schizophrenia.
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Sharon Schmidt

Disabilities and parenting 
Hamilton, Ohio, United States
I am a widowed mom to 5 boys with disabilities from autism to schizophrenia.

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About me

I am a widowed mom of 5 boys with disabilities from autism to schizophrenia. I have dedicated my life working with parents of children with severe mental illness helping them create crisis and safety plans and find resources to keep their families together. My children are grown and i am still learning every day and living it. I have been in your shoes and can help you navigate some of the obstacles and know you are not alone. I can be that ear you need and comforting voice you long for and the ray of hope you seek.

Coaching with me

You will get results. You will realize you are not alone and there is hope. You will get experience from someone who has lived this for 20 years and helped others the same amount of time. I also suffered from anxiety and depression. You will come out of sessions and trainings equipped and empowered to face your situation with a better understanding and knowing tgere is resources and hope.
I like online trainibgs but i love coaching one on one. It helps me really get a sense of the person's needs and what they wish to accomplish. I like to first of all make sure everyone is safe. We can create safety and crisis plans. We can work on core issues to get to the bottom of it and find solutions.


I will be offering one on one 25 minute sessions by phone
I am happy to offer some online coaching to help you navigate the journey

Experience, Certifications and Training

I have 5 sons with severe mental health disorders. They are all grown now and still living with me for the time being. I have suffered from anxiety, bipolar, and depression myself. So i have lived it. I also have worked helping other families for 20 years.

Fee description

Fees: from $25 USD to $75 USD

One on one sessions by phone are 25 for 25 minutes.. More time at 1.00 per minute. 25 for online chat or help. 50 for both. 75 for ongoing help and support.


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