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SharonAnn Hamilton

La Jolla, California, United States
Mentor, cheerleader, guide - offering a vast resource toolbox for life and business goals. Retreats.
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About me

"I never thought of it THAT way" say my clients when coaching with me, and something within becomes free. Free of old patterns. Free of negative influences. Free of regrets and expectations.

Life Motto: Make a Plan!

First plan at age 14 was to become fluent in French and to travel and live overseas return to the States, complete my education and get married by age 27. By age 19 I was living in Africa, half the globe away from home, where I lived and spoke only French for four years, got married at 21, returned to the States at 24, completed my first phase of education by age 30 - a MBA in Organizational Behavior and Psychology.

This way of living has been repeated for nearly 50 years - make a plan, put it into action, go with the flow, enjoy the results or learn the lessons and move on.

Because of my lifetime learning practice my clients enjoy the benefits of laser learning and how to apply my tools to their own heart's desire and succeed beyond their highest expectations.

I strive to operate with integrity, creativity, lovingkindness, boldness, along with a hefty dose of intuition and prayer.


Coaching with me

We are Boomers! In our extreme busyness of life we get into ruts that dull our joy of living and may through bad habits shorten our good health and long life. We may know that we need to make some changes but what? There is a tsunami of information available but it is all overwhelming to figure out what applies to us personally and where to fit it into our lives. We are crumbling with responsibilities of our family, work, and home so much so that we have no real time to develop ourselves. We are on a pathway to age just like our parents and grandparents, feeling that the last few years of life must be filled with doctors and operations and pain.

My clients create and implement a life plan based on their own unique talents, mindset, interests, skills, and education. Each plan is personal and tailor-designed. It is like going to Italy and measuring your feet for a great pair of handmade shoes that you will enjoy for a lifetime. Your life plan is specifically created for your enjoyment of your own life.

It is all about you. You write the rules. By the process of coaching with me you reinvent yourself and create a life that nourishes your inner and outer self in order to thrive.
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I enjoy meeting face-to-face either personally or on Skype, even on the phone.

My clients tell me that I am a good listener. They sense that I care, really care about their situation and offer many thoughtful ways to work through issues to the best resolution.

My coaching style is:
emphatic listener
+ questions that shift and offer self-insight
+ challenges you to think bigger
+ deep personal connection that illustrates lovingkindness
+ encouragement to be the authentic individual you are


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Face to face, phone or Skype sessions are 45 minutes in length focusing on your success.

You set your goal. You review your resources. You decide what actions you will take.

I am the brainstormer, the encourager, the mentor and will freely share what I know or sense to invite you to take the next steps.
Short courses or group coaching
Three Day Rejuvenation Retreat in La Jolla

Step out of your life for a magical time of re-setting your present and future life plan. Amazing results happen when you allow yourself to Dream and Plan and Organize with absolutely no limits. Just imagine..... a life when each morning you cannot wait to get up and go do your 'work' that is really play and you would do it even if you were not paid. You are free to be happy!

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • MBA in Organizational Behavior & Psychology
  • CFP®
  • MSFS [Masters Science Financial Services]
  • Certified Peacemaker [Peacemaker Ministries]
  • Certified Divorce Planner
  • 4 years various courses at Coach University [Thomas Leonarsd]
  • Professional Fiduciary Courses
Rotary Club Exchange Student to Djibouti, a French Territory, at age 19
Married a third-generation Greek born and raised in Africa
Learned to speak, read and write French fluently [lived there for 4 years]
Returned to States, completed BA and MBA
Moved to San Diego to work for IDS [Investors Diversified Services as a fee based financial planner] the first in the nation to offer fee services like this
Company merged with American Express was top ranked planner from 1983-2009
Bought and Sold real estate with my Greek
Bought 160 nature reserve and RV park and ran it from 2003-2013
Created The Retirement Concierge, a service for Baby Boomers entering the 'retirement' phase of their lives, to help them create a life plan for their next 50-60 years
Co-Wrote a book "A 10-Step Action Plan for Defining Your Mission"
Write a column for The La Jolla Village News [San Diego News Group]
Write a column for The East County Magazine Online
Fostered two teen girls from Greece
Got pregnant after 26 years of marriage, was on bedrest for 6 [that is SIX] months and had a natural delivery and healthy son
Moved after 28 years in the same house
Worked with more than 50 clients in phases of estate settlement when their elders or spouses passed away
Current Board Member of The La Jolla Community Association bring the joys of education, health and friendship to our community
Working with clients who are 'rightsizing' their environment

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Fee description

Fees: from $120 USD to $240 USD

Package 1: Three month agreement: 3 sessions 45 minutes each a month [weeks 1,2 and 3] with the last week of the month allocated for action items. $1080

Package 2: Just-In-Time problem solving or Single Short-term Goals: One Sixty minute session $240 or three sixty minute sessions for $600

Packate 3: Three day rejuvenating retreat in La Jolla $3000


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