lifecoach $150 USD Shawntina Wallace Shawntina Wallace Multifaceted Life coaching, disability advocacy, relationship coaching and spiritual advising.
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Shawntina Wallace

Certified Life Coach, Counselor 
Portsmouth, Virginia, United States
Multifaceted Life coaching, disability advocacy, relationship coaching and spiritual advising.
Life coach Spiritual coach
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About me

Before I tell a little about my life story, let me just say that there is so much that we don’t know about life. The elements of life are a mystery to all people. As a helping professional, I don’t consider myself an expert in life because I’m still experiencing life and I’m still learning about life. I just believe that our purpose within life is to somehow help each other develop our potential in full capacity.


I have a unique life story. I’m a person with a special need who have dealt with a lot of trials and tribulations throughout my life.  It is a known fact that people with special needs have unique limitations in life. These limitations can be physical or mental in nature.  What people don’t understand is, most people regardless of being disabled or non-disabled, we all have certain limitations within our lives. Having life limitations can impact our lives within more ways than one.

 We all are prone to have psychological limitations that stops our personal growth and development in life. However, with each trial and tribulation, we can somehow develop defense mechanisms to cope with and transform our circumstances for the better. In all honesty, living with some form of limitation is not easy.


At times, we all suffer from a variety of emotions within our mindsets causing us to fear progress, to think negatively about our desired outcome or results. Expressing these general typical emotions tend to reveal our humanity. Within our humanity, we are naturally imperfect.

However, within our core of humanity, our imperfection is not an excuse to not reach our goals in life. Even though, we have our little moments of imperfection, we inherited tools within ourselves to help us obtain our true destiny in life.

For example, being physically disabled has been quite a challenge in my life. It is a challenge for me because of two primary reasons... Trying to overcome societal barriers and expectations and trying to overcome my personal psychological barriers that I created for myself over the years.


Yet, I must remind myself of the inner power that I have within myself to move forward in my life despite what limitations that I have.   


As a helping professional, it is important for me to be honest about human nature, about my own nature of being. It’s also very important to me to express my own strength power to those that I guide so that I can show them that it is ok to be human. It is ok to develop your own strength to create opportunities for yourself within your future. 


Life coaching is all about creating your life goals to prepare for your future. When thinking about a coach, think about someone that is showing you your potential. A coach guides a person into making the right decision. In sports, coaches are leaders who guides athletes in their game plans.


Well, life coaches perform within a similar context. Life coaches work beside individuals to help them examine and determine their plans to reach their goals by changing the outlook for their future endeavors. Therefore, it is my job to help you realize what you are capable of by realizing your inner power to change your life.


Welcome to Light Path Life Coaching Services, and I will be your guide…. 

List of Credentials

Associate's Degree within Social Science from Tidewater Community College 
Bachelor's Degree within Health & Human Services from Virginia Wesleyan University 
Master's Degree within Professional Counseling from Liberty University 
Certifications within Life Coaching & Advanced Life Coaching from Light University 
Certification within Marriage Counseling as a Prepare and Enrichment Therapist & Spiritual Advisor from Light University 



Online coaching is a great way to set and achieve your life and career goals. Connecting with  online coaching allows you to choose the life coaching you want, no matter where you are in the world. It also makes it easier for you to squeeze working with life coaching into your busy schedule, life coaching online is your best option when it comes to selection and convenience.

Offering online coaching via online optional platforms.

-Microsoft Teams


-Google Meet

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $150 USD


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