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Sheila Coppini

Certified Life Skills Coach ( CLSC) 
Ferndale, California, United States
I am Sheila, a Certified Life Skill Coach, Transition Coach and a Confidence Coach.
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About me

Hello, I am Sheila Coppini, a Life Skill Coach. I am also a Transition Coach and a Confidence Coach. I can help you get through any kind of transitions. For example, transitions between relationships, countries, work places or any other life situation that might challenge you to look for anwers in different places that are yet unknown. As a confidence coach I can help you find within yourself the confidence you need to start a new business, make important business decisions, have healthy long-lasting relationships with friends, families and love partners, to succeed at your current work, to make youself heard and to be assertive, to just name a few.
I also love to coach people who want to make their ideas count. If you want to start a new business or change life styles I am the person to talk to because I know that it takes courage, but I also have the experience with start-up businesses and the challenges that might come with it. Making changes in your life style is also a rewarding experience that brings with it tons of adventures and surprises, but that can be overwhelming. I can help you make that transition.
Do you have scars from your past that are limiting you possibilities? Do you feel like you keep making the same mistakes or your fears don´t let you progress? I totally understand you! That´s is why I created a plataform where together we can talk and find the most suitable ways for you to reach your goals and break free from any painful ties.
I received my Life Skill Coaching Certification at Auburn University and became a Certified Life Skill Coach (CLSC) through the National Career Certification Board (NCCB).
My coaching style is very private and intimate, I love to see my clients progress and accomplish what they want.

Coaching with me

- An manageable balance between work and personal life.
- Increased confidence in your abilities and skills to make your goals come to life faster.
- Help you develop business plans, choose or change careers that are a better fit for your personality and skills.
- Maintain stable but exciting relationships with your loved ones.
- Heal from past experiences that are limiting your potential today and holding you back.
- Delete limiting self-doubts about your qualities and abilities.
- learn to be assertive and have a leader mentality to help you achieve your goals.
- Change bad habits for good habits that contribute to your success.
- Master the skill of a smooth transition in all areas of life.
- Get in touch with your best self and let the best of you shine.
- Open new possibilities, take new opportunities.
I like to coach on a global level. When you coach with me you get more than 60 minute talk session, anything that you want to change or accomplish in your life I am here for. I am discret and like to develop strategies that are a good fit for you. No one size fits all with me. I focus on who you are to help you accomplish what you want, or discover the things that are best for you. Ultimately you are the guide, you have the answers, I just help you ask yourself the right questions.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

All of my sessions are confidential One on One 60 minute Coaching Session.
Online Coaching is convenient and helps you maintain the course of your life and it allows you to have better time management. Online coaching is 60 minutes long in a video Chat session.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Wellness Coach Specialist. Auburn University.
  • Certified Life Skills Coach Specialist. Auburn University.
I have moved many times in my life, learned 4 languagues as part of those transitions and have learned the importance of resiliency, strength and creativity to adapt to any situation and make the best of it.
Coaching is a way to share my knowledge with other people who have the potential to become who they want to be no matter how many limitations you think you might have. There is always a way, and we have all the tools we need to make them happen. The direction that we choose is part of those arsenary of tools, you just have to know in what direction make your move.

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $900 USD

$50.00 For a Single Session
$ 320.00 For the Two Month Coaching Package. It includes one 60 minute session for 8 weeks, plus email communication. It includes a 20% discount.
$900.00 For a Six Month Package. It Includes one 60 minute session every week for 24 weeks. It also includes email communication and a 25% discount.


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