lifecoach $200 USD Shyan Lam Shyan Lam I help young adults gain a thought structure to clarify their goals. Help them develop a road map.
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Shyan Lam

Young Adult Lifecoach 
Denver, Colorado, United States
I help young adults gain a thought structure to clarify their goals. Help them develop a road map.

About me

I have spent the last 8 years of my life helping college students get into professional school. It doesn't take a fool to see that there are very similar patterns that most eager young adults follow. I spent most of my young life (I'm currently 34) specializing in physician education and have learned that often it's not what you say but how your message comes across that makes the difference the client. In today's world, with so much stimulation happening in our everyday lives, people often forget how to get themselves organized and it is easy to lose sight of the true goal. In the last 8 years I have been working on finding different ways to resonate with people to help them sort through their own thoughts. I help clients provide structure which in turn lets them focus on what is really important. I have made many mistakes in my young adult life and like that saying goes "if I only knew then, what I know now," I'm trying to help people realize that they don't have to make the same mistakes to get the education from them.    more...


I can coach you privately over the phone or over a skype meeting. I have some material that can all be sent to you ahead of time via email.
Short courses or group coaching
I also offer seminars to help prepare you for MCAT and other entrance exams.

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $200 USD


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