lifecoach $500 USD Stephannie Addo Stephannie Addo I am a business coach with a speciality in Business Strategies, Marketing, and Social Media.
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Stephannie Addo

Business and Branding Expert  
NYC, New York, United States

I am a business coach with a speciality in Business Strategies, Marketing, and Social Media.

About me

Stephannie Addo is a wife, mother, Veteran, Business Coach, and Entrepreneur. She received her education from Mercy College, where she majored in Behavioral Science and Early Childhood Education. During her time with the United State Army, Stephannie was awarded the Army Achievement Medal for her dedicated service. Outside of her military career, she has earned an Honorary Doctorates Degree from CICA University and Seminary and received mentoring from the University of Connecticut's Entrepreneurs Boot Camp for Disabled Veterans. Here she was not only mentored by Fortune 500 CEO’s, but she was also given the Most Innovative Pitch Award. Today, Stephannie is the founder of the Limitless Mompreneur Network. Here she coaches and helps women navigate their way through the business ownership process. Stephannie is also the founder of Champs for Autism, which creates an environment for children with and without Autism to feel empowered and encouraged. No matter what she is doing, Stephannie uses her entrepreneur spirit to better herself, and most importantly, those who seek her service. Her vast array of experience and knowledge can inspire anyone to keep pursuing their goals and overcome anything that may get in their way.   more...



In our private coaching sessions, all clients will fill out an intake form which shows what area you need assistance. After that intake session, we will develop a step by step strategy to get you to your goals. Coaching sessions are held bi-weekly all sessions we will go over your strengths, your progress, and what can we do to make your next session even more amazing. All private coaching sessions are sold in packages of 5. All coaching sessions are for 45mins.


I have a conference platform I use so that we are able to do coaching sessions online or in person. All coaching sessions are for 45 mins.

Short courses or group coaching

Group coaching programs go around a speciality whether it is in marketing, social media, or developing different business strategies for your business. Group coaching sessions are held at 6-week intervals.

Ongoing training

I have an online platform where you are able to buy courses pertaining to your business and use them as a reference. You can learn at your own pace, and at your own time.

Fee description

Fees: from $197 USD to $500 USD

$197 for Group coaching and free access to my online training vault (A minimum of 5 people are required for the group coaching program)

$300 per session for the private coaching online

$500 per session for in-person coaching at my office.


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