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Sterling Sawyer

BS-MIS, Life-Bridge cert. 
Clements, California, United States
I am a Researcher by nature & training who will assist you in finding all of you Gifts and purposes!

About me

My twenty plus years in Research and Developement, strong psychology background along with modern Coaching Training has equiped me to shine a light on your unique Giftings and help you decern your Purpose in Life. Nothing is more important than these two items! Find them, everything else beginings to fall into place. We will articulate what we find in a way that you can hold onto. Based on Who you are called to be, we can determine much about what greatness you are called to touch. I will walk with you, giving you a second set of eyes, and holding you accountable, as you move towards taking these mountains in you Life.


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I would love to meet with you in person, if you are interested in doing so -- otherwise we can meet online and by phone.
Coaching is generally done by phone and online.
Short courses or group coaching
Many courses are upcoming:
Ongoing training
Coming soon.

Fee description

Fees: from $40 USD to $50 USD

The fees listed are 1/2 of regular and are good through the Janurary.


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