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Steve Young

MSc Coaching Psychology 
Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom

Supporting people who dream big, who want higher levels of personal fulfilment and success.

About me

I’ve felt (and continue to feel) the power of being coached. I’ve experienced the benefits it brings. I’ve developed and grown as a result. I’ve been that person described here. And I discovered I had a natural ability to help people through coaching too.

I create the environment where you can consider things differently, to look at what you want and where you’re going. To help you dig deep and find ways to make it happen. To do this for the benefit of yourself, your business and work, your relationships and everything else that’s important to you. To have a greater level of fulfilment and engagement; and an even brighter being as a result.

My focus is on serving you through being an excellent coach. Excellent coaches genuinely care about what they do and are able to craft a tailored package of support for their clients. This is what enables me to apply myself fully to serve the needs of the people I work with. As a professional coach I offer a dedicated service that aims to promote and support development and learning in a trusted and equal partnership.




We can meet up either on Skype or, if you don't have s Skype account, I can set us up on a different system. Our work will include things such as:

- Gaining a clear vision for realising your dreams
- Understanding your inner strengths & virtues
- Understanding & conquering the things that hold you back
- Clearly articulating the goals that will get you there
- Staying motivated and engaged

Everything starts with a no obligation discussion so we can get to know a little bit about each other. From that we can make a decision as to whether you'll get what you need from us working together.

Just click on "Request A Free Consulation" to get started.

Fee description

Fees: from $400 USD to $2500 USD

Our work together is created to support you and your unique circumstances. The pricing structure varies depending on how long we work together. As a minimum I would suggest that 8 weeks focused effort is required, whereas longer term arrangements fit some people better.


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