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Coach Steve Zucal
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Steve Zucal

Life Coaching, General Practice 
Orlando, Florida, United States
Life Coaching, General Practice

About me

Steve's background includes 12 years of service as a pastor and in ministries working with individuals in transition, recovery and growth. He has also worked in small and large corporations in a variety of positions over many years.

On his own path to making his life better he recently made some changes in his own life which resulted in him renewing his fervor for and commitment to his own mental and physical improvement. He has lost over 25 pounds and has improved energy and vitality.

Coaching has allowed me to facilitate and witness miracles that have genuinely transformed lives. What miracle will you achieve?

Coaching with me

My clients have had phenomenal breakthroughs in coaching, sometimes after only a few sessions.
With your permission we'll embark on your journey of self exploration and discovery. Often my clients discover things about themselves that allow them the freedom to re-prioritize some of the resources and demands in their current life, and we can discover together what your ideal life would be like.


Our sessions together are one-on-one via skype, telephone or in person to achieve your objectives. Typically our appointments are set at 2 hours in length so that genuine progress can quickly be seen and felt.
Short courses or group coaching
I will speak before your group and/or offer group coaching as the need may arise. I will also reward referrals with coaching, services or training as needed.

Experience, Certifications and Training

Steve has spent a good portion of his life in coaching, counseling and teaching people in a variety of settings including non-profits and business enterprises. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and is a certified coach.

Fee description

Fees: from $99 USD to $9500 USD

We can work together on what is important to you and negotiate what it will take not only in fees but in commitment from you and from me to get there. Once we discuss the outcomes you are seeking we can arrive at a final cost that reflects the importance of the changes you want to make in your life.


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