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Coaching with me

My coaching goals for you are:
- To educate you enough so that you can understand the technology AND psychology of marketing on the internet.
- To identify the "pain point" of your prospective clients so that everything about your online presence makes these prospective clients want to buy from you and not your competitors.
- I will help you identify your own unique business resources and coach you on how to use these resources in the most effective and profitable way possible.
- Since you are the driver of your online success, you will not need to rely on paying other people to do your marketing for you - you will be a master of your own online marketing and be able to grow your business continuously going forward by always improving all parts of your client conversation.
Assess: I always start with an assessment of where you are now and what resources you have to work with to make successful changes to your online marketing.
Address: Once the assessments are made, we need to address your market, your clients "pain point" and where things are not working currently in your online marketing.
Process: The first two items are about establishing the strategies, but creating your process is all about tactics. What do you want to say and where do you need to say it to bring new customers to your door?

I know from experience of working with over 100 clients that every part of online marketing can be confusing and intimidating, so I make sure NOT to over-burden with you with things that are confusing. Once you work with me and have your first FREE strategy coaching session with me, you will understand why my clients often tell me that just one phone call with me and they understand internet marketing for the very first time.


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