lifecoach $997 USD Super Moms Coaching Deaunna Evans, MCC Super Moms Coaching Deaunna Evans, MCC Super Moms Coaching is dedicated to helping parents raise emotionally strong and confident children
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Super Moms Coaching Deaunna Evans, MCC

MCC, Parenting Educator and Mentor  
Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Super Moms Coaching is dedicated to helping parents raise emotionally strong and confident children

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FEES from $97 USD to $997 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

At Super Moms Coaching we believe that “Every TEEN deserves a happy family & Every PARENT deserves joyful parenting!”

We help parents who want to have a happy family, turn around their troubled teenager's behavior so they experience joyful parenting and their teen can feel contented and happy!

Super Moms Coaching offers affordable parenting programs so every family member feels loved and respected.

We support parents of teens with services to help successfully accomplish the most important work you will ever do; that of creating a peaceful home where family members happily thrive, no matter what the difficult behavioral challenges!

The Values I have chosen for my company are Simple and I welcome you to Share them:

Agency: parenting with agency which is liberating for both parent and teen

Connection: connecting parents and teens on the deepest level humanly possible

Support: Supporting parents while implementing proven parenting principles

Coaching with me


WHAT YOU’LL GET: By the end of the 8 weeks you can look forward to seeing drastic changes in your difficult child’s behavior! Most parents see changes within the first 2 weeks to a more respectful, cooperative, and contented child! Watch as your teen transforms before your very eyes from defiant to warm and welcoming!


==> Restore yourself as leader in your home!

==>Feel empowered as a parent with intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and tools necessary to raise your teenager.

==>Feel like the good parent that you are!

==>Embrace the pure joy of loving and being loved by your child!

==>Enjoy a great relationship with your child based on love and mutual respect

==>Finally! You can stop worrying and enjoy your child and life again!


==>He'll no longer feel angry, isolated, and defiant when he feel loved, respected, appreciated and understood by the most important person in his life, YOU!

==>That will free up his energy to participate in positive things that bring enjoyment, peace and happiness!

==>He can now rise up to become a more confident, secure, well-adjusted and happy individual!

==>Finally, he'll now be able to enjoy his teenage years in a peaceful home and a happy family and be relieved from the challenges he would have most likely suffered in adulthood as a result of unresolved childhood issues.

BONUS to Siblings:
==>Eliminate the ‘collateral damage’ that always affects sibling when a parent deals with a difficult child.
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I’m no ‘arm-chair’ parenting coach! I have been where you are with a defiant tween with ADHD & ODD that made our life miserable. This forced me into a ‘deep dive’ study into parenting which lasted several years. Happily I found solutions that liberated both my teen and me which brought peace to our family. Now I want to share those solutions with you

My coaching style is mixed with several elements to help you transform the parent-teen relationship as quickly as possible- usually 30 days or less!

New Parenting Knowledge: Super Moms Coaching signature 8 week parenting program, "The Parenting Plan of Happiness" is a parenting education program that is designed so that your teen will SELF-MOTIVATE to better and appropriate behavior.

Parent Mentoring: From time to time there is usually a need for mentoring- offering possible solutions to problems

Parent Coaching: Helping you discover the answers within yourself through powerful questioning.

New Parenting Knowledge + Parent Mentoring + Parent Coaching= A peaceful home and happy family for you in 30 days or less- Guaranteed with my "No Worries Money Back Guarantee"
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“The Parenting Plan of Happiness” 8 WEEK 1:1 Private Coaching Program
• Eight 45 minute 1:1 coaching sessions
• 8 PPH Online Parent Learning Modules & Worksheets
• For Crisis Management Support: 20 minute Laser sessions as needed
• Unlimited Email
• 8 Coaching call summaries
• Telephone Text Messaging Support
• *Money Back Guarantee – see specific details below


“The Parenting Plan of Happiness” Online Self-Study plus email feedback from a professional parent coach
• 8 online parent learning modules
• 8 corresponding worksheets with questions to help you
apply what you have learned
• Lifetime access to PPH forum -- monitored by a professional parent coach
• All the above PLUS get E-mail FEEDBACK from a professional parenting coach

Short courses or group coaching

“The Parenting Plan of Happiness” Group Coaching Program
Support Group for Parents of Adolescent Children
• 8 group coaching sessions- One per week for 8 consecutive week
• One 90 minute weekly group coaching session
• No more than 8 people per group so everyone gets individual attention!
• Everyone has an opportunity to learn and grow from the collective experience of the group.
• Each class you will have the opportunity to talk about your challenges and get feedback
• Each week you will be encouraged to set parenting goals for the upcoming week—
• You will be accountable for those goals in group session—PLUS…
• Partner with an ‘accountability partner’ from group—

Ongoing training

Coming soon- Raising Positive Minded Successful Children
*A program to help parents teach children the laws of success and prosperity

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • CMEC: Certified Mentor Coach
  • CLC: Certified Life Coach
  • MCC: Master Certified Coach
  • COACH TRAINING SCHOOL: World Coach Institute (Miami, FL)

Coach Evans is a Master Certified Coach, owner and head coach of Super Moms Coaching, a master certified coach, peaceful parenting specialist, public speaker, coach training instructor at World Coach Institute, and founder of " The Parenting Plan of Happiness" parent coaching program.

Currently: Staff Instructor: Coach training instructor for World Coach Institute
Hello! My name is Deaunna Evans, CMC- Owner of Super Moms Coaching. As a certified master life coach and mentor, I help frustrated parents turn around their teen's negative behavior in 30 days or less!

I became a life coach because I know how one difficult child can devastate an entire family. I used to go hideout in the bathroom just to escape for a few minutes the parenting purgatory I was enduring. So I definitely know how seemingly insurmountable parenting and these childhood behavioral issues can be! I also know the pure joy it is to find solutions that bring peace to a suffering family.

You see, even though our family was blended and challenged by a child with ADHD and ODD issues, we nonetheless managed to raise 3 awesome children, 2 are now happily thriving young adults and one amazing 16yo son still at home.

I'm happy to share my 'been there-done that yet rose above it' parenting tips, tricks, insights and experiences to help you raise highly functional and well-adjusted children.
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Fee description

Fees: from $97 USD to $997 USD

We offer many different coaching options which will be recommended according to your needs. Tuition will be discussed in your FREE parenting consultation after your needs have been assessed.


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