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Susmita Barua

MS, MA, CPC Mindfulness Teacher 
Lexington, Kentucky, United States
Simple Mindful Steps to Go Beyond Pain & Resistance to Flow of Health, Wealth, Peace & Joy

About me

Growing up in a minority and vanishing Buddhist lineage in India gave me an existential humanitarian outlook about life and living with awareness. After quitting my profession as a long Range Planner for the City, the question of right livelihood and making a difference in the world pulled me into an intuitive mindful journey within away from social-cultural conditioning to find my true purpose in this lifetime in the planet. I was naturally guided from within to finally 'Awaken' to my unconditioned True Nature not limited by space-time.

I invested my time, energy and attention to explore and get in touch with my core values of Universal Knowledge, Freedom and Truth. What would I do and how would I live, if I had all the money and time in my hand? I just started living that way: a way of study, contemplation and meditation following a process of inquiry informed by my life experiences.

Our education and culture do not adequately engage our attention to develop love of and respect for 'Life'. Schooling only prepares us for a mundane job and conventional life so we fit into molds, rules and goals set up by others in the past. Such is the nature of all 'conditioned' reality and structures not based on enlightened principles of wisdom, compassion, virtue and awareness. We waste our precious human lives based on unwise views chasing sensual happiness, money, entertainment and all the temporary gratification it brings. The greatest 'jewel' we have is our own 'aware and awake mind'. We were not taught how to wire our brain for mindful presence, empathy, connection, kind speech, loving action, right livelihood that are necessary for true happiness, wellbeing and success with an understanding of interdependence, impermanence and not-self.

We all need a mentor, coach and spiritual friend at certain stages in life to help us develop the necessary focus, clarity, clear direction, help us make the necessary adjustments, new beliefs and upgrades we need to make to be our own best friend and ally in the path to becoming the best version of ourselves.

<> Emerge from Stress & Confusion to Clarity of Purpose, Vision and Action
<> Commit to Mindfulness based Practices for 7-12 weeks to Rewire
<> See all Obstacles as Stepping Stones or Opportunity for Learning & Growth
<> Develop Skills, Trust, and Confidence to Be the Change & Lead by Being
a Knower of The World

Simple shifts in our habitual unskillful tendencies and wrong views we hold in our minds can lead to big shift and impact in the choices we make every day.

Coaching with me

Leading Self and Others with Care, Confidence and Compassion
Mindfulness in daily life for balance, happiness and well being
Clarity & Clear Vision of Life Path
Cultivating Radiant Noble Heart-Mind without limit
Clearing Negativity and Limiting Beliefs
Appreciating Life, Gratitude and Forgiveness (FLOW)
Mindful Pregnancy and early Parenting for Single Parents
Personal Goal Accomplishment (2-3 Key areas of life for Executive Clients)

Art and Science of Enlightenment (Premium Package, Must Pre-qualify)
I am a natural mindfulness-based energetic Intuitive coach.

I listen to tap into my clients' own energetic blueprint and innate wisdom.
My style is spacious, accomodating, relaxed, yet firm, swift and precise.

My approach has developed over the years through my own challenges and shifts in consciousness and my own spontaneous awakening. Around ten years of age, I unconsciously accepted Buddha as my role model in my childhood contemplations.

So in my coaching I try to reconnect and build bridges in awareness to those parts in one's psyche that are denied, suppressed or forgotten, yet they continue to operate beneath the current struggles and challenges. A reconnection to original blueprint is absolutely essential for the self-actualization and healthy growth of overall personality. Habitual egoic defense and spiritual bypassing must be seen, dropped and cut through to unlock the door of radiant life, deep contentment, joy and liberation.

I deeply respect and love each of my student and client's personal bravery, dignity and journey. You will go further with me than alone. Allow me the privilege to guide and help you when you most need a spiritual friend.
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Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

All Information is handled confidentially with mutual trust and respect.

If Client is local, private session are held in office, outdoor or public place over extended Lunch or Coffee breaks.

Skype or Google hangout used for most private sessions out of one hour commute. I'll travel anywhere if needed to serve my clients.
Unfabricated Mindfulness using one's own intuitive creative mind and feminine embodied knowing and remembering one's basic goodness/wholeness
Short courses or group coaching
"Stand in Love, Step Out of Fear, Be Who We Want To Be, Now"

This is a Six Week Mindfulness and Non-dual Love based Group Coaching

Also offered as One-day Live Workshop.
Ongoing training
Available to Premium Clients who sign up for 7 Months or more.

Fee description

Fees: from $500 USD to $5000 USD

Hourly rate is sliding $75 - $145 depending on type of Coaching Service
and delivery urgency.

Monthly rate varies $249 - $749 /mo. Packages run 6 week to 9 month.
depending on type of coaching, hours of personal coaching time;
email/phone access, free follow ups and bonus offered after coaching is over.
Custom-made VIP Packages available for committed long-term clients


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