lifecoach $1500 USD Suzette Louw Suzette Louw I help people who feel stuck move forward through a process of self-discovery
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Suzette Louw

Transformational Life Coach 
Willemstad, No region, Netherlands Antilles
I help people who feel stuck move forward through a process of self-discovery
Life coach Transition coach

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About me

My life experiences include but are not limited to balancing a colorful career and life as a single mom of two, 2 divorces, a toxic relationship, people-pleasing, and co-dependence led me to a point late in my life where I had to make pivoting changes.  

I spent a number of years on a transformational journey where I re-invented myself, learning to love and accept myself, warts and all, letting go of the need to control, where I started living a life of peace, and contentment, happiness, and fulfillment.  

The knowledge and experience I gained provide not only the tools to assist my clients in their own transformational journeys, but also provide me with a deep understanding of what they are experiencing.



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Fees: from $50 USD to $1500 USD


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