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Conscious Awareness Coach (MBA) 
Honolulu, United States
Be the change... Hope, satisfaction, joy, performance, balance: fully become your authentic self.
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About me

Spiritual development enables the authentic essence to surface. #LV8

Most adults find that - regardless of prior conventional levels of success or accomplishment - without the spiritual center, it will always feel as though something is missing. An emptiness and dissatisfaction persists.

This cognitive dissonance intends to signal us about the differences between: (1) what society implies may be enough, versus (2) a true life purpose. While the two can certainly intermingle, genuine fulfillment is unachievable without conscious awareness.

In additional to conventional studies and credentials, including a Bachelor's and Master's degree involving Communication, Psychology, and Business...Personal Training, Coaching, Holistic Health and Wellness certifications...and decades of self-driven exploration of world religions, philosophies, cultures, and inward spiritual focus have brought us to the point of intersecting here today.

There is a Zen proverb that says:

"Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself."

Our time together will strengthen your understanding, confidence, and resolve to do precisely this...and much more. Awakening to the fullest awareness: nothing is more precious, or more rewarding.

Coaching with me

Spiritual Awareness and development is a highly personal, and a highly relative, realm. Goals in this arena are unlike those in linear business or other 'practical' life aspects.

We gauge and track progress according to the comfort level and stage of self-assessed development of the Client, with gentle and unbiased initial input from me, as a benchmark for the starting point.
I cater to the communication style and needs of the Client.


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Customized for the Client's needs, goals, and requirements.
Customized for the Client's needs, goals, and requirements.
Short courses or group coaching

Ongoing training
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Experience, Certifications and Training

  • BA
  • Master's Degree
Excerpts from 'God is...' white paper:

"Today, you see me as a human being.

Yet, there is a line that aptly states:

'You don’t have a soul. You ARE a Soul. You have a body.'

From there, I do realize that concepts and descriptions regarding spiritual awareness can sometimes sound ethereal and beyond reach or grasp: mentally, physically, emotionally, cognitively, pragmatically, and generally…in essence.
So, we will strive to keep it simple.

In so doing, when it comes to this subject matter, I do not position myself as any kind of expert or guru. In truth, no evolved spirit will.

Any of us who truly recognize the process of the Spiritual journey understand that we are simply on the path. We are all collectively and simultaneously present on a continuum of love, faith, being, and belonging.

Unlike in a societal life that is accustomed to hierarchies, this is not about who got to a certain place first. It is not about who sees or does not see, from a perspective of society-based rewards.

All of this discussion, all of these concepts and true points of awareness, resonate with the reality that where you are is good. Now is good. Be present now.

Anyone who is truly present, truly awake, truly open now, can grow from there as now evolves.

All offered here in these words is simply a means of shedding light…helping you to recognize your own open gateways…and providing glimpses of what more there is than what we think we “know”.

There are many books, and many perspectives. I encourage you to explore those that seem to draw you in from a position of genuine goodness and authenticity.

Open your mind and heart. Ask your questions. Learn, grow, and evolve.

This introduction is meant to provide what could be considered a kindergarten level of transitional language, and concepts that compare and contrast conventional religious ideas and practices with a gateway to Spirituality. There is not one way, one path, one sole direction to God. There is not even just one word that most accurately represents and describes God.

However, for our purposes here, let us accept the label ‘God’ as one that tends to be widely recognized. Therefore, it can serve us usefully in building this initial bridge of effective communication that fosters understanding.

Realize that, when referring to God, many enlightened ones may instead say: Source, the Universe, Om, the Force, Love, Oneness, Consciousness, and so on. Using these labels, they often also mean the same – or a similar – reference to God: ever-present benevolent and limitless abundant grace.

While we will say 'God' for now, we simultaneously want to recognize and be receptive to these other terms. Then, we will be open enough to see why they are commonly embraced as broader or more all-encompassing labels.

Language changes when bridging a working path from religious practice to Spiritual Awareness. Let us be open.

Let us be receptive to this adjustment of language, and evolving openness, as we begin…"

~ GOD is... © 2013 Buckman

Fee description

Fees: from $150 USD to $300 USD

(For hourly 1-on-1 sessions)

Value-added multi-session package options, Virtual & On-Site Retreats, and more.


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