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T White

New Zealand
I am energetic and passionate in life and every thing I do.

FEES from $90 USD to $200 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I have been lost before searching for a career searching for answers. I couldn't find the answers I wanted I felt lost. why you ask?
I was never asking the right questions to begin with, Until I started a coaching process. I guess you could say it was my aha moment in life the signs where always there but I just couldn't see it I was blinded by negative thoughts, barriers and anxiety's .
I get a lot of enjoyment and fulfilment out of helping people discover there true selves. Helping people set goals and seeing them getting to where they want to be in life has been one the greatest satisfactions in my life.

Coaching with me

I believe everyone has what it takes inside them to succeed in whatever they choose to do in life. For some of us our greatest fear can be failure,
But do we ever stop and think about when we were toddlers beginning to walk?
How many times a day would we fail 20 30 40? More even?
We never gave up until we started walking.
If you think about it its simple, if we had given up the first and second time we tried and failed none of us would be walking now would we?

My goals are to break down my clients beliefs, Help them move forward in life and business.
I want to coach people till they succeed in what they want to do and what they want to find in life.
I don't believe in coaching people forever, I want to get results and want them to be lasting not just a motivation when they leave my session.
Together we will change the way you look at things in day to day life I want everyone to activate what I call there inner HPP ( HAPPY POSITIVE POWER). And release their power within yourself to achieve and succeed with goals weather they are in life or your business.

My coaching philosophy is simple if I can help you then I will to the best of my ability and exhaust all possibilities, I will turn over ever stone rock or pebble for you. If I cant then help then I wont waste you time and money.


I offer a free first session ,getting to know you.

Then I can come up with a program that's suits best and will get results.
I have an online Skype set up or phone call

Experience, Certifications and Training

I have owned and ran small businesses for the past 7 years. I have coached sporting teams, been a leader in in my workplaces.
I have travelled to Europe many times and have enjoyed learning experiences working in different countries and cultures

Fee description

Fees: from $90 USD to $200 USD


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