lifecoach $500 USD Talia Osborne Talia Osborne I coach Christian women -help them gain confidence, deepen their relationship with God, & say no.
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Talia Osborne

Clermont, Florida, United States
I coach Christian women -help them gain confidence, deepen their relationship with God, & say no.
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About me

I believe that there is something significant in everyone’s story. It can be the key to understanding what makes them tick. So here’s some of my story.

I internalized my childhood disappointments to mean that I was not worthy of being cared for. That I was not valuable enough to obtain attention. So through trial and error I discovered that people would like me if I was nice. People would like me, if I went along with what they said. People would value me, if I laughed at their jokes. And I could avoid conflict if I just went with the flow! Sweet!! I can get attention and appreciation if I do and go and help everyone who asks me. That makes me MVP right?!?? Wrong, it just made me tired because I couldn’t say “no”. I was always compromising my beliefs. I had no time, low self-esteem, and worst of all, I was distant from God. 

I was a People Pleaser!!

But God has redefined my value on the tablet of my heart. Now, I’m a recovering people pleaser! I don’t have to fit into any box someone creates for me. I don’t have to agree to keep the peace. I am still be kind because that’s who I am, not because I desire someone else’s approval. I  still show love because that is God’s desire within me. I’ve learned how to set boundaries and how to say “no” without guilt or regret. My relationship with God grows deeper everyday. But I still can’t seem to get rid of my Resting Nice Face (RNF). LOL!


I can help you help you overcome people pleasing because I have been there, too.

Coaching with me


My clients experience more confidence, they say "No" without guilt, their relationship with God is transformed and they have more time for to accomplish their goals and dreams.


I think your past is important, but it's not the focus. We focus on your goals and dreams. I listen more than I talk, which allows you to be in control of where the session goals. I find that this leads my clients to commit more, because they devise their own path to success, while I help them navigate direction, failures, success and staying on track to acheive their goals.



Exhausted from a life of people pleasing? Through Bible based coaching, I help Christian women gain confidence, deepen thier relationship with God, set boundaries without guilt, and reclaim their time. I am a Christian Life Coaching for women who struggle with People Pleasing.

We focus on the 3 main sources of pain: 


Choose from one of my 90 day session options: 
The Pursuit of You

The Pursuit of Relationships

The Pursuit of Time

Each session is focused on bringing a Biblical perspective to your situation.We will have an initial consulation, meet for goal setting and then meet each week to keep you on track and moving forward in your pursuit of those goals. You are the captain and I am your navigator.

We meet via Zoom.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • LCTI Certified
  • BA Pshychology

I have been where you are. I lead a life of People Pleasing, and it left me exhausted and empty. I have been set free, so I know that path forward!

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $500 USD

Each package is personalized to what you need. My initial consultation is FREE. 


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