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Talitha Stewart

Certified Life Coach 
NYC, Delaware, United States
Life After Divorce Coach, and founder of Enlightened Empowerment Coaching LLC.

About me

I am a divorced, single mom of an amazing 17 year-old daughter named Brittany, and my other baby, our toy poodle named Smokey. I am amazed at how fast the time has gone, and that I will have a daughter who will be going off to college before I know it! It has not always been easy, but I think that I have done a pretty good job of raising an intelligent and beautiful young lady, if I may say so myself!

Have I done everything perfectly? Absolutely not! Do I look back and think that I could’ve handled some things differently? Hell yes! But you know what, we live and learn…right? We were never given a handbook on how to be the perfect wife or mother, and we were certainly not given a handbook about going through a divorce the “right way”.

Well, let me tell you something. I crashed and burned when it came to doing things the “right way” when it came to my divorce. After finding out that my ex-husband had been cheating on me, all of that “right way” business went right out of the window! I was angry, hurt, shocked, and questioning everything about my marriage. Did I mention I was angry?

Not only was I dealing with the issue of infidelity, I was dealing with the fact that my ex was not there for our daughter, in any capacity. He was not there emotionally, physically, or financially. After going to court for child support, the court ordered that I was to receive $86.00 a month. I was angry and I felt let down by the court. How in the world was I supposed to take care of and provide for my daughter with $86.00 a month in child support? I received the payments for some time before I found myself not receiving them at all. I was actually beyond angry and frustrated by that point! So there I was just feeling angry and hurt because of the loss of my marriage, and angry at the fact I was having to do everything on my own. Aside from all of that, I still had to keep it together to take care of my daughter. I also had to keep it together to go to work and do my job every day as well. After a while, I just didn’t deal with all of the emotions I was feeling, because I was so busy putting on such an excellent performance that everything was ok with me (I’m still waiting for my Academy Award nomination!). And while I was doing that, I just allowed the anger and resentment to build and build. Then I became angry with myself because I continued to give my ex control over my emotions, and essentially my life. Enough was enough! I got to the point where I refused to waste anymore of my time and energy getting upset about things that he was doing or not doing, because I realized that I had no control over the things that he did or said. I could only be responsible for my actions, and how I chose to react to things. Talk about empowering!

As a single mom myself, I know how overwhelming it can feel. I know what it feels like to work so hard, and to feel like it's never enough. I know all about the worry, the stress, and the frustration. I know how exhausted and drained you can feel at the end of the day. I know that feeling of never having enough hours in the day to take care of what seems like the endless items on your "To-Do List", let alone have a moment to take for yourself. I know all of the demands you are facing each and every day. Being a single mom requires a lot of energy, skills, and talent! It is not always easy, but I have learned so many valuable lessons along the way. One very important lesson I have come to learn is the importance of making yourself a priority. I know that is a concept that is foreign to many of us as single moms, but you not only need, you deserve to have time for yourself. You can't give to those that you love, when you have nothing to give, because you are so exhausted that you can't see straight sometimes. You need that time to relax and to do things that you love and that make you happy.

It’s hard enough going through a divorce as it is, as an adult, without worrying about how you are going to be there to support your kids who are also hurting through the whole process. Like I said, I could’ve handled some things differently, but I did the best I could with the knowledge I had at that time. I have learned a lot over the years after my divorce, and I have certainly grown from it. I am at a point now where I am able to look back at my divorce and consider it a blessing. Now I know that you may not be at that place, and you may be feeling that you will never get there, but trust me you will. Will it happen overnight? Not at all, but it will happen. This is where I would love to step in to help you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get ready to take charge of your life, so you can see the gift from your divorce and begin to move forward in your life with passion, purpose, and excitement! Your marriage may have ended, but you know what…your life hasn’t. You deserve to be happy again, and to be excited about your life. Do this for yourself first and foremost, but also for your kids who want nothing more than to see their mom happy again. So if you are ready to be empowered to take charge of your life, I am here and ready to help you! Let’s do this!

Coaching with me

As a Life After Divorce Coach, I empower divorced professional moms who are ready to stop letting their divorce dictate who they are, and how they live their lives. I help them realize that just because your marriage ended, it doesn't mean your life has. I help them realize just how amazing and awesome they truly are in their own right, by helping them move past any unresolved issues from their divorce. I encourage and support them as they are starting out in this new chapter of their life, so they can be at a place where they can truly embrace being single and be excited about their future!

As a result, they feel empowered, energized, and excited because they now have the tools and confidence to move forward with their lives knowing who they truly are and what they want this new chapter of their life to look like.

As a divorced, single mom myself, I can relate to what my clients are experiencing. I like to provide my clients with tools and processes they can use to empower themselves to move forward with their lives with excitement. Along with those tools and processes, I encourage and provide support to help my clients continue to move forward when they face any challenges that come up. While I am there to support my clients, I also hold them accountable to show up for themselves and to put in the time and effort during every coaching session, so that they can get the full benefit of our time together and start living the life they not only dream of...but deserve.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

I currently offer a 4 month private coaching. This package includes weekly calls that take place from the comfort and privacy of your own home, and will last 45-60 minutes.
Short courses or group coaching
I offer a home-study coaching program called "Courage, Risks & Rewards--Taking Chances to Empower Yourself and Your Life!". This program is a great way to get started with coaching, and can be done through the Coaching Pad at your convenience. You can go through the program as quickly or as slowly as you would like. This program will empower you to live your best life by taking chances that will move you forward in positive directions! Get ready for those rewards!

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Life Coach
The life experience I have as a woman who has gone through divorce, while having learned so much on my journey, along with being a single mom in every sense of the word...I can relate. I can relate to my clients and the different emotions and situations that they are experiencing in their lives. I belief that my life experience combined with my training as a certified life coach allows me to truly be able to connect and support my clients in a way that they can appreciate.

Fee description

Fees: from $47 USD to $2297 USD

Private Coaching 3 month package: $198 per month x 5 months or $987.00 if paid in full (10% discount).
Private Coaching 6 month package: $258 per month x 8 months or $2,067.00 if paid in full (10% discount).


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