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Tammie Polk

Life and Business Makeover Mentor 
Memphis, Tennessee, United States
I empower business owners to eliminate excuses and excel!

FEES from $197 USD to $3000 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Like many of you, I wear a billion hats: wife, mother, substitute teacher, business coach and mentor, author, blogger, educational (homeschool) consultant, and speaker. I'm a married mother of three girls with a husband who works the night shift, so we live and work on polar schedules. I understand the demands of work/life/family balance and can help you rise above your frustration, reclaim your life and talents, and evolve into the women who is free to transform those talents into a treasure--all while maintaining a strong family base and your sanity.

Using my Virtuous Business Woman and From One King's Daughter to Another books, my goal is to help you to overcome the 7 dream killing excuses that are wreaking havoc on your life and business: I'm Broke, I Don't Have Time, I Have a Family, I Have a Job, My Talent is Just a Hobby, I Don't Know How to Do Anything Else, and I'm Good Where I Am.

Coaching with me

My clients have:
* gained clarity in their lives and businesses
* successfully gained their first and repeat clients
* been able to leave their jobs and establish reputable businesses
* stronger family relationships
I coach using my books and I have an order in which I do so. I prefer to start with my 7 Virtuous Business Woman Slayers: 7 Deadly Copouts book because I believe that those 7 dream killing excuses need to be conquered before anything else can be done. If I have a client who is looking for a general life or business coaching or mentoring program, I still use my books, yet very loosely.

I am comfortable with in-person, video, or phone coaching; however, those wanting in-person sessions must live within 2 hours of me. I am not one of those "Let me show you how to make $x in x months." I am a coach who wants to get to the root of the issues you have before going into the business aspects of it.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

In-person sessions are only available for those in the greater Memphis area; however, phone sessions are available for anyone!
All 2018 programs are enrolling now! You have the choice between 8 book-based programs or you may choose a more general program, especially if you are looking for a life coach. I can adapt any book based program into a general program as well! The book titles are: The Virtuous Business Woman: Inspired by Proverbs 31 (there is an all business version available as well without the faith and family components), The Distinguished Business Man: What a Man in Business Can Learn from Proverbs 31, The 7 Virtuous Business Woman Slayers: 7 Deadly Copouts, From One King's Daughter to Another: Becoming a Woman of Virtue, Getting Rid of that Babypreneur Mentality: It's Time to GROW UP, Slaying the Slayers to Become a Virtuous Business Woman, Putting Your Choices in Check, and Prayerfully Paying Attention: 8 Areas Where We Lose Ourselves.
Short courses or group coaching
The 3110 Virtuous Business Woman Institute is up and running and currently has two courses: The Virtuous Business Woman 21 module course and The 7 Virtuous Business Woman Slayers 7 module course. I will be adding courses in 2018!
Ongoing training
I host both in-person live workshops and online live workshops throughout the year.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology
  • The Confident Leader Mastermind
  • Brand Identity Course
  • The Coaches Mastermind
My businesses were birthed from the need to help stay at home mothers find a way to earn extra money at home. At the first, my educational consulting business had taken off, so I was helping women start similar businesses using their background and homeschool experiences. From there, I launched my coaching business. After writing my second book, The Virtuous Business Woman: Inspired by Proverbs 31, I began to understand that it was what I meant to work from.

I have been where many of my clients are as I have homeschooled and worked in the home and out of the home, run a business while working full-time, have had to juggle homeschooling, running a business, working in and out of the home, and maintaining a household with a husband working the night shift.

I started my businesses with $700 and a stack of business cards I printed on cardstock and cut out, so I know what it takes to build a business with limited resources.

Fee description

Fees: from $197 USD to $3000 USD

Private Coaching Hourly Rate: $197
General Life or Business Coaching Program: $1577
Book based programs: $3000


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