lifecoach $175 USD Tanya Ehlert Tanya Ehlert Life coaching for the restless woman. Discover the freedom of changing your mind.
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Tanya Ehlert

Certified Coach, UCI 
Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States

Life coaching for the restless woman. Discover the freedom of changing your mind. 

FEES from $25 USD to $175 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Tanya is the owner of Zen Cat, LLC, a certified Life Coach, has a BS in Psychology from The Pennsylvania State University, and has studied graduate-level Youth and Family Education. She is a voracious reader and loves to "geek-out" on all things psychology/self-help.

Tanya has transformed her own life many times and continues to discover new pathways for personal growth; ensuring that her experience is the venture she wants to be living. She is committed to teaching like-minded freedom travelers who are eager to learn from her journey.



One on one life coaching from the comfort of your home via phone or a video meeting, (ex. Facetime, Zoom, Skype).

1. Short-term coaching (3-5months) has the highest and fastest results due to the intimate nature of individual coaching. The Footpath is for those who have one or two goals they would like to achieve.

2. Long-term life coaching is for those who have multiple long-term goals. Each goal will be worked individually, emphasizing specific, actionable plans, and deadlines. The Explorer also has a substantial emphasis on "homework" so that you get the most out of your coaching sessions. Each session is focused on your current situation and can pivot in a different direction when needed.

3. The Day Hike is for those who need help with a decision or situation, such as a job change, moving, promotion or deciding on wedding details. This format is not meant for long-term personal growth or change.


Mentoring and support through journaling, membership program.

Short courses or group coaching

One time face-to-face Self-Discovery Seminar. You will participate in a step-by-step painting while taking a deep dive into your reactions and perceptions. You will be gently guided through each step of painting and self-discovery! (Local only)

Fee description

Fees: from $25 USD to $175 USD

From online journaling to one-time session hourly rates. Pricing includes 50 minutes of coaching time with 10 minutes reserved for the wrap-up and planning of the next steps.


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