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Tarryn Tomlinson

Cape Town, Province of the Western Cape, South Africa
I am a fun loving person who is passionate about the powers of the human mind and emotions.

About me

I am an inspirational speaker, inspirational writer, transformational coach and law of attraction coach who has overcome many obstacles to achieve her dreams. Despite the odds, I found a magic formula and with it achieved in a short space of time what many believed impossible. Now I want to share this formula with you!

Coaching with me

Tarryn will help you locate the thoughts/beliefs which are keeping you from manifesting the life you desire. Once you have changed these negative beliefs you will begin work on harnessing the power within you

How You Will Benefit From Transformational Life Coaching ?

*Discover which limiting beliefs are blocking your success
*Learn the Law of Attraction processes and the tools needed to set your new life in motion
*Learn a set of life affirming values that speeds up your manifestations
*Get personalized coaching on manifesting a particular situation
*Receive emails with inspiring information
I am passionate and excited about what I teach because knowing that I am providing my clients with powerful life altering information and tools makes me excited.

I believe that even though we may be addressing some very 'touchy' subjects for you in order to turn the situation around we need to inject a healthy dose of enthusiasm and excitement.

How would you feel when your desire manifests? Well, that is the energy we need to harness before the manifestation.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Private coaching is available for those who live in the city bowl of Cape Town, South Africa.
I do most of my coaching session online via Skype.
Short courses or group coaching
Group coaching and courses are done online

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Reiki Second Degree
  • Marketing Managment
  • Thinking Into Results Course
Just before completing my final year at high school I become ill with a very severe form of Rheumatoid Arthritis which in one year left me needing to depend on a wheelchair.

I finished my studies and then went on to study Marketing Management, I also did various other courses such as a computer course, a Japanese energy healing course called Reiki (Levels 1 & 2) and extensively studied books on the mind/body connection and positive psychology. My quest to heal my own body drove my passion and with all the knowledge I amassed I started to teach others for free.

As more and more people started to report how my coaching had healed their 'situation' or helped them to transform their lives I decided to coach full time.

I have lived for 2 years in Italy (one of my biggest manifestations) and speak English, Afrikaans and Italian.

Fee description

Fees: from $80 USD to $500 USD

A once off session via Skype costs 80 dollars, but if you purchase 5 session you will receive the sessions at 70 dollars each.

The 'Discover Your Purpose' course costs $500.


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