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Tasha King

Certified Yoga For All Instructor  
Sacramento, California, United States
I am a loving, compassionate, creative, and imaginative spirit with great energy.
Wellness coach

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About me

Approximately five years ago I was in a dark place due to a brain injury and I struggled with memory loss, lack of concentration, mood swings and shaking episodes because I ignored the signals my body was sending me and didn’t take care of self first. I carried along busy as usual until my body just couldn’t take it anymore. Once I became still and was able to slow down and rest I learned what I needed to do in order to get well. Through self care I recovered and healed and am now in a joyous place.

My mission/service is to coach working women (mothers, caretakers,office workers) in developing a self care wellness plan that is right for them. I want to help them tune in to themselves so they can make healthy choices. To provide an environment that will nourish and support them in the process of healing and transforming their lives with love, kindness and compassion.

I want to do my part in changing the way we take care of ourselves while empowering women to take charge and live holistically. Time and time again watching loved ones suffering from devastating illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and weight gain I was compelled to do something to help reduce the suffering we go through. I want to inspire, educate and teach people about preventive measures so that they can have a better connection to their mind, body and spirit. By working with me you will establish healthy habits, thrive instead of survive, take charge of your life and increase you self-esteem and confidence. I want the best for you, I truly care and want you to be well. Peace & Blessings~Namaste

P.S. I am a wife, mother of 3 beautiful boys and a Certified Yoga For All Instructor and licensed Zumba instructor (ZIN).


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Fees: from $15 USD to $45 USD


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