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Tasha Marie Stewart

Self-Discovery Specialist  
Willoughby, Ohio, United States

Helping you discover all of you and the fulfilling life that awaits!.

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OFFERINGS: Private coaching

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About me


I am Tasha Marie Stewart, Self-Discovery Specialist. I help people gain a deeper understanding of who they are and guide them in creating a fulfilling life that aligns with their authentic self.

I have over 20 years experience coaching clients from various backgrounds on how to overcome challenges and accomplish the goals that once seemed impossible. I walk them through the process of becoming more attuned with who they are, aware of their strengths, confident in their abilities, and in alignment with their goals.

No matter the role or the population, the external change you want starts with the internal transformation you need. Helping people tap into their own power to make these transformations is my passion and my purpose.

Some topics of  specialization include self-awareness, work-life balance, mindfulness, career development, life transitions, self-sufficiency and  personal growth and development.

I believe everyone  should have access to wellness and personal growth support, as a result I am strongly committed to providing quality products and services that are easily accessible. We all have a right to be well, whole and happy!

 I am so ready to work with you! 


Coaching with me




  • Reconnect with yourself

  • Uncover those things that light you up

  • Establish a personalized self-care routine

  • Learn to nurture your spirit

  • Distinguish your ideas from your socializaion/conditioning

  • Own your strengths

  • Build your confidence


  • Clarify your true wants, needs and desires

  • Identify "right fit goals"

  • Set intentions for various aspects of your life

  • Establish solutions and a strategic action plan to help you create a life that feels authentic


  • Incorporate parts of you into your everyday life

  • Counter limiting beliefs standing between you and your goals

  • Be accountable as you carryout your action plan and pursue the life you want

  • Learn how to create harmony among your true self and the varies roles you have

  • Feel supported throughout the journey to create a fulfilling and authentic life




  • SELF-DISCOVERY - I believe authenticiy is the key to a full and satisfying life. So, no matter the goal, there will always be a level of self-reflection during our work together.

  • INTERNAL TRANSFORMATION - The external change you want starts with the internal transformation you need. I will guide you through the change process, from the inside out.

  • HOLISTIC - The health of your spirit impacts the health of your mind and body. An appreciation for the mind, body, spirit connection plays a role in my methodology. My coaching is not religious, but it does reflect a blelief in a higher power. We may call that power by different names and that's perfectly fine, respected and appreciated.

  • SIMPLIFIED - I simplify the process to amplify the outcomes. My experience has shown me complicated structures decrease the chance of follow through. I break down the process into manageable pieces that are still challenging but convenient and digestable for the busy, everyday person.

  • COMPASSION - I meet you where you are. No judgement. You can expect me to challenge you, but you can also count on me to do so with compassion.

I will be supportive and dedicated every step of the way!





SELF-DISCOVERY EXCURSION Course & Coaching Program. 

A 12-week program guiding you on a journey to reconnect with who you are, so you can create a life that feels like the right fit!

Are you:

  • feeling like you aren't "you" anymore?

  • spending so much time being everything to everyone else that you forgot who you are?

  • bored with your life and can't seem to find the excitement?

  • feeling like something is missing and can't pinpoint exactly what it is?

  • yearning for something better but don't know where to start?

  • tired of following the crowd instead of creating your own path?

  • feeling like someone else designed your life and you're ready for a remodel?

  • holding back who you really are for fear of criticism?

  • allowing other people's expectations to dictate your decisions?

  • feeling like an actor everywhere you go?

Nodding your head "YES" to any of these? You're SO in the right place! It's time for a Self-Discovery Excursion!

You will leave this experience:

  • Living a life that feels satisfying in a way that is authentic and specific to "YOU".

  • You will have clarity about what you want in life and what the best next steps are for your unique self.

  • And, you will have activated a solid action plan to continue living authentically and accomplish your "right-fit" goals! 

This 12-week course consists of 9 modules.

  • Module 1 Roam -  Take a closer look at your situation

  • Module 2 Saunter - Slowing down to find direction

  • Module 3 Stomp  - Eliminating the roadblocks

  • Module 4 Hike - Explore your uniqueness

  • Module 5 Skip - Building Self: Love, Confidence & Compassion

  • Module 6 Leap - Unlocking your passion and purpose

  • Module 7 Strut - Dare to be yourself 

  • Module 8 Glide - Put it all into practice and live authetically

  • Module 9 Flow - Develop a customized plan for your "right-fit" next steps goals!

There are 2 options.



SOLO Adventure (Course Only)

This is our flexible, self-paced option. You will journey through the "Self-Discovery Excursion Course" at your leisure. Each lesson will guide you through thought provoking exercises to help you dive deeper into who you are, align with what you want and develop a plan to create a life that feels like the right fit.

  • 12-week digital Self-Discovery Excursion Course, consisting of video, audio and text lessons and activities.

  • Lessons released weekly over the course of the 12- week course.

  • Fits easily into a busy schedule.

  • Start immediately! No discovery call needed.



GUIDED Journey (Coaching and Course)

Work one-on-one with me as you journey through the digital "Self-Discovery Excursion" course. With this tailored option, you will receive assistance addressing your specific obstacles as well as strategies and solutions to implement "YOU" into every aspect of your life, and increase your overall growth and satisfaction! I will help you process your thoughts, work through challenges, identify "right fit" goals and develop a custom action plan to accomplish those goals.


  • 6 bi-weekly one-on-on coaching sessions in alignment with course topics for a fully supported personalized experience that takes a deeper dive into your personal situation.

  • 12-week digital Self-Discovery Excursion Course, consisting of video, audio and text lessons and activities.

  • Lessons released weekly over the course of the12-week program.

  • Between session check-in text or emails to help you stay on track.

  • Free 15-minute discovery call required prior to enrollment to make sure our collaboration is the best fit for your needs.



***Execution and Accountability coaching packages can be purchased after completion of the Self-Discovery Excursion if you're interested in additional coaching services.


Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Transformation Life Coach
  • BA Sociology
  • Criminology Certification
  • The Science of Well-Being
  • Coaching Learning, Leadership and Change: Conversations that Inspire
  • Goal 4 It
  • Motivational Interviewing

LET ME TELL YOU MY STORY (The Short Version) - There was a period of time I got so wrapped up in my roles as mom, wife, professional… I completely lost myself.

THE EARLY YEARS - Ever since I was a little girl I was a nurturer. If you needed help solving a problem or a shoulder to cry on, I was there.  It became a part of my identity, so much so I even made a career out of it.  I was so passionate about being a “helper” I began my career in social service prior to graduating college. After graduation, I became more devoted took on more challenging positions. I loved the work and was totally dedicated. The problem was, the stress of carrying other people’s problems was impacting me and I didn’t even know it.

ADULTING - When I became a wife and a mother, it was a wrap! My husband and my son blessed my world in so many wonderful ways, but I poured everything into them and nothing into myself. I became disconnected from “me”. Not to mention, the added responsibilities equaled added stress. The weight of all the stress I carried (mine and everyone else’s), along with not even knowing myself anymore, left me miserable!

THE UNEXPECTED - I was unexpectedly diagnosed with Lupus, a condition that is said to be heavily impacted by stress. As I was dealing with this new diagnosis, I experienced the tragic loss of 2 clients from 2 different horrific circumstances. I crashed, and my Lupus flared. I had to make changes immediately!

TAPPING INTO MY OWN POWER - This lead me to an amazing transformation journey where I used the same techniques I use with my clients to improve my own life. Just as I teach them, I tapped into my own power to transform my circumstances. Through the knowledge I gained and the practices I began,  I was able to rediscover myself , manage my health and be the “helper” I enjoy being without sacrificing my wellness.

YOUR TURN! - That’s what led me to create A Journey Embraced and dive into Self-Discovery Coaching. I am here to help you tap into your own power to create a life you love living. My mission is to make personal growth and wellness, tools and services accessible to the everyday person so we all can receive the assistance we need to grow and create a fulfilling life!


Tasha Marie Stewart

Self-Discovery Specialist

A Journey Embraced

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $2500 USD


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