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Tessa Wookey

Personal Success Coach 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Lover of animals, self-development, and watching my clients achieve their greatest potential!

About me

I work predominantly with women and young professionals seeking better fulfillment and satisfaction within their career path and general quality of life. We work together to produce the best results and intensify your life passion by reaching your goals and increasing forward momentum in your life/career path trajectory. My goal is to take an already amazing you to an even more amazing you by helping you achieve peak performance and personal excellence!

• One-on-One Personal Coaching
• Entrepreneurial & Business Coaching
• Team Management & Group Facilitation

• Career & Success
• Health & Wellness
• Healing & Empowerment
• Relationships

Coaching with me

As the famous quote goes, “80% of life is showing up.” On that note, I believe the most important goal has already been achieved in you reading this and taking the first step to explore the world of coaching. Some clients have a specific, acute result they might be looking for while others are looking for general self-discovery and we’ll develop your goals along the way – everyone is different and every coaching relationship is unique and impactful in its own right.

While we will determine action steps and a plan that is measurable and achievable, the most important accomplishment is what you’ll discover along the journey as often times it is the process rather than the end result where the “magic” happens.
My role as coach is to help you find your own answers. In part, a coach acts as a sounding board, much like when you’re having a conversation with someone that starts in confusion and ends in a solution merely by hearing yourself vocalize your thoughts.

However, I am not here to counsel you or “admire the problem” as my mentor likes to say! I am here to help guide you via open questioning in a forward direction so we move away from the problem or confusion and into a solution with clarity. We will do this by building comfortable communication in trust, by me asking focused questions, and by facilitating creative exercises to help shake the proverbial cobwebs out and bring a new light to your way of perceiving both the world around you and the world within you.


One-on-One coaching available per 30-60 minute session. Packages Available.
One-on-One coaching available per 30-60 minute session. Packages Available.
Short courses or group coaching
Group coaching available on monthly basis or short intensives. Packages available for 1 group session with one-on-ones on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • National Federation of Neurolinguistic Programming, NLP General Practitioner
  • George Brown College, Fundraising and Volunteer Management
  • McGill University, Bachelor of Arts, Political Science & Philosophy
  • Erickson International, Professional Coach
I grew up in Toronto in two households as the eldest of one brother and two sisters. After high school, I went on to study Political Science and Philosophy in Montreal at McGill University after which I moved to South Korea for a year to teach English, which was both one of the scariest and most rewarding experiences of my young professional career. Upon returning to Toronto and not having a clear focus on what I wanted to do, I moved from Film & TV to Real Estate before settling in the non-profit sphere, where I felt immense gratification doing meaningful work with some incredible people.

Following that, I spent the next few years working in the startup/small business sphere in a number of industries where I loved the energy of everything being new and exciting, where growth was fast and challenges were many. I got to experience the intensity of watching a passionate idea with no infrastructure grow from nothing into a successful, blossoming business. While I loved my role in sales and marketing, I felt I’d lost touch with my passion – connecting with people – with the how and where they find meaning on this crazy journey we call life!

And so, here we are….
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Fee description

Fees: from $125 USD to $300 USD

$125/session or 3 for $300 with initial free consultation

Dependant on size of group & type of service. Enquire for more information.


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