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Thomas McClure

Strategic Interventionist 
Guyton, Georgia, United States
Certified graduate of RMT Center, National Strength and Conditioning Association- CPT
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About me

I am what we call a "Strategic Intervention Coach", which is basically coaching with a combination of NLP, creative and powerful strategies designed to break through mental barriers that hold us back, 100% focus and attention, with one goal in mind.... results. I also hold a Certified Personal Training background of more than 15 years. I have worked with clients from all walks of life, including stay at home moms to professional athletes. I have spent years experimenting with effective techniques used to create physical change. Now, since February 2015, I combine this with strategies to create mental transformation. Over the years training clients, I saw a pattern that was similar in all of my clients. I realized that while the physical training was something they really desired, they ALL had much deeper issues they expressed at some point or other. My goal now is to help my clients break through these mental blocks, and create abilities to get to a new level of living. I help clients create the life they want to go after. I have much more satisfaction, and feel as though my service and value offered is much greater, and produces higher rewards to my clients.

Coaching with me

My number one goal is to help bring forth transformation, and improvements in the areas sought after by my clients. I do firmly believe that we are capable of living extraordinary lives while we are here on earth. We all have our own interpretation of this extraordinary life. I help my clients understand what it is they truly desire, and work toward bringing that to life. We get as specific as possible, and determine what is holding them back from going after big things in life, whichever area(s) that may be.
I like to get to a point where I can coach in a comfortable, relaxed, judgement free setting. I offer 100% confidentiality with all of my clients, and encourage them to be open and honest enough to be able to express any and all feelings, thoughts, experiences, etc. that they may otherwise have difficulty in sharing. We are a team, working toward the same goal. I like to create coaching experiences where we are able to go deep and get to the very bottom of all issues without my clients wondering what I may think or feel about them. One thing I like to remind everyone is that we all have thoughts that were created through one experience or another. We cannot all have the same thoughts on everything in life. That is what makes us humans, our ability to use our minds the way we do.


I offer in person in and around Georgia, online or over the phone to all other. I also have a translator available for Greek and/or Russian. Sessions generally run between 60-90 minutes, although I prefer to block out 2 hours for each client. I strongly believe in creating deep, connective sessions in order to reach greater benefits.
Online coaching is available via Skype, Messenger, or whatever else may be more suitable to each client.
Short courses or group coaching
Group coaching and/or seminars are available upon request, catered to specific needs of clients. I am available to cover topics such as:
- Breakdown of macnutrients
- Proper eating and nutrition
- Designing specific training/ exercise programs
- Proper execution, injury prevention
- Goal setting for your body type
- The importance of mental health, staying motivated
- etc.
Ongoing training
Ongoing training will be available upon the request of each client. They have the option to choose to continue if they feel it will be a benefit to them.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • NSCA- Certified Personal Trainer
  • Vegetarian Health Institute
  • Graduate of the Robbins Madanes Training Center- Strategic Intervention
  • Dynamic Eating Psychology
  • Effective Relationship Coaching
My background is mostly in athletics and fitness. Since I was a young child, I have always been involved in sports, and excelled in each. initially, it was martial arts (KOBARYU) and the usual school sports such as soccer, football, basketball, track and field, baseball. Among these, I was more passionate about martial arts. I loved the warrior mindset, and the mental strength I had gained through it. As a teen I transitioned more into kickboxing. It was difficult finding fights at that time, and so I competed in boxing. My record was 11-1. My one loss was a decision to the amazing and fast Sammy Mackihale. His footwork and speed was equaled to mine, and he earned the win that evening.
From boxing, I focused more on strength training. I had been lifting weights since my teen years, and always had been fascinated by the transformation that was possible through hitting the weights. I also began personal training, which I loved for the simple fact that I could be a part of helping people enhance their physical strength/appearance. The techniques and strategies I have experimented with over the years gave me a great wealth of knowledge for understanding the human body.
In February 2005, I heard about a local strongman show that was coming up the following month. The couple that was putting it on had an article written in the local paper. I looked up their phone number, and asked where people were training, and was welcomed to train at their facility about 35 minutes from where I was staying. That first weekend of training had me hooked. This sport of strongman really tested the strength of humans, and I loved it! At that time I was around 280 pounds, and had been strength training heavy for several years. At that first contest, I had won the heavyweight class, and decided to compete in a national qualifier to be able to compete with the strongest in the U.S. in November if I won. I did win this qualifier in June, so then began training and increasing my calories to get as strong as i could for U.S. Nationals, where I would compete with over 100 of the best strongmen in the country. I increased my strength in all areas, and my bodyweight was up to 310 pounds by November. The contest was in Louisville, Kentucky. I had a severe cold/sinus infection, but decided to still compete. I trained that hard, I could not just let it all go to waste. In this competition I earned 248 points out of a possible 250, dominating against the best in the country. This earned me my professional status! I went on to compete for almost 7 years, in which I earned silver and bronze medals at international competitions.
As my personal training experience grew over the years, so too did my realization that pretty much every client I had ever worked with had one thing in common. They all had underlying issues, which led me to research how to help with more than just physical training. I studied many different coaching strategies, and was intrigued with the approaches of Tony Robbins, Chloe Madanes, and several other greats in the world of coaching. I decided to enroll into RMT Center, where I learned some amazing new strategies for effective results. I graduated in February 2015, and have been helping clients more through the mental part of the game to achieve results. I am now more passionate than ever, because I am able to get to the root of their issues, and help them overcome blocks/barriers to be able to go after amazing things in life. To set up a complimentary session to see if we might be a great fit working together, feel free to contact me. One life, live it!!

Fee description

Fees: from $200 USD to $7800 USD

My fees range from $200 U.S. dollars for a single session, up to $7,800 (25% off) for a 52 week program which includes weekly sessions and unlimited support via phone or email. Packages available are as follows:
- one single powerful life changing session
- weekly sessions for 6 weeks
- weekly sessions for 16 weeks
- weekly sessions for 26 weeks
- weekly sessions for one full year.
For a further breakdown of prices for each, contact me.


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