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Tiffany Shonerd

Certified Professional Coach 
Friend, Nebraska, United States
Kids Coaching in a fun engaging way. Kids are the future, lets make it a fabulous one!
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FEES from $30 USD to $60 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I am an ambitious wife and mother of five kids ranging from toddler to teen! I love to read, learn, watch movies, and meditate. I find the positives in every situation I encounter and strive for fulfillment.

Coaching with me

My adult cleints leave my coaching sessions with a plan of action to help them with their relationships with their family members, transitions, or routines.

My kid coaches leave a session or event knowing more about themselves with an added sprinkle of self-esteem, which I believe it the root of everything positive in children. They use skills and reflect back on activities to overcome obstacles that they continue to face their whole lives. They become resilient!
My coaching is positive and strength based. As a team we look at strengths and use positive reinforcement that creates a successful goal and new outlook on life. Coaching through activities and stories to retain the information and place it in the context of the clients lives.


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Private coaching includes in person, email,or phone sessions that are 30 minuets in duration with unlimited emails between sessions to celebrate successes or to get a boost.

Kids coaching in private includes 12 session in which we work through the Kids Coaching workbook. We work together on describing ourselves, being positive, self talk, and learning to surround ourselves with family and friends.
Online coaching includes web conferencing, FaceTime, or Skype session that are10- 30 min in duration with unlimited emails between sessions to celebrate successes or to get a boost.
Kids Coaching online lasts 15-30 min while we read a story and complete a quick activity.
Short courses or group coaching
Kids Coaching Event
Take a whole day to have fun with kids ages6-9! We have fun activities, stories, and food! Throughout the day coaching is embedded within those activities, stories and food experience. Each Coaching day has a specific interest such as building self-esteem, making friends, Knowing your feelings, etc.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • CPC- Certified Professional Coach
  • MS degree in Instructional Design and Development
  • BS degree in Behavioral Science
  • Positive Behavior Support
  • Strength Based Coaching
The early childhood field has led me to life coaching for families. I have worked with many families and children over the last 16 years and I love every second of it. Many professionals guided me to the parent that I am today and that I strive for everyday. I want to be able to help other families succeed and reach their ultimate joy in their family. I also coach preschool teachers in their classrooms to provide top notch learning and professional development.

Fee description

Fees: from $30 USD to $60 USD


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