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Tim Leonard

Business and relationship Expert 
South Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
Expert in business development. Expert in creating long lasting and happy relationships.

About me

I have worked with many different types of business's over the years to help owners and staff to grow and be successful. Whether it is helping to gain confident in sales, or improve moral with the company, I do everything I can to set a plan of action in place to help you reach your goals.

I have also coached people in their relationships wither it be with their spouse or significant other, family or friends. Whether you are in a new relationship, wanting to heal your current relationship. I can offer coaching to help you achieve utter happiness in your relationship. I have also coached those going through a divorce, learning how to co-parent, and helping make sure that you can hold your confidence to rebuild yourself and build new relationships.

There is no greater feeling in my life then helping others succeed and and reaching their goals. It gives me great pleasure to help those in need and find true happiness within themselves and their surroundings.

Coaching with me

I have help business clients reach higher volume sales which leads to increased revenue. I have also coached with their employees to help them understand the importance of communicating, and how to communicate which each other, which improves company moral and leads to higher revenue and or productivity.

I have worked with individuals and couples on improving relationships. I have also coached on breaking bad habits to ensure their new relationship whether with family, friends or that special someone will be happy and healthy.
I am a very positive coach. I am always very uplifting and really strive to show how being an optimist can bring great things to your life in helping reach your goals. I try to empower you to to be confident and to keep your head held high and that when you put your mind to it can achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations.


Private coaching for those who like the face to face interactions. I offer a private office, or we can meet in a coffee shop, or anywhere that makes you feel comfortable.
Thanks to the world of technology, the online coaching tool is a great way to achieve success as well. Using software such as Skype allows us to meet anytime, no matter where you or I are at in the world.
Short courses or group coaching
For the business person who wants their company to achieve great success, getting everyone in one room to share the details and help coach is a great way to go.
Ongoing training
Just because our plan for you might end, and you have reached your goals, does not mean it has to stop there! Some times you may want to achieve new goals or go to the next level on your current goals. I am willing to stick by your side and coach you through all of it.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Life Coach
  • Business and Sales Development
  • Business and Communications
I grew up in a family of business owners from retail shops, to restaurants, and so on. I worked and helped in these business's with my family and started learning at a very young age. I started learning and coming with ways on how to improve the business over all. I started to realize later on that I really enjoyed finding new ways to improve, and help my family achieve greater success. That is when I knew, that is what I wanted to do. I wanted to help people achieve great success. So I became a business consultant.

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $2500 USD

The fee is based on a case by case basis. Everyone should be able to utilize a coach.


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