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Todd Dempsey

AA Drug and Alcohol Counseling 
Pennsville, New Jersey, United States
I have personal and profession experiences that inspire my passion for working with those in need.
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About me

I not only have personal experiences that inspired my passion for working with those in the need of recovery, psychological, and addiction services but I am also a highly trained Addictions Recovery professional who has been awarded high honors at many nationally accredited institutions whose primary focus are in the fields of Psychology, Sociology, Addiction Studies and Substance Abuse Counseling. Beside my comprehensive and accredited educational background, I am also a nationally certified Crisis Intervention and Sexual Assault Prevention Specialist who has spent countless hours working in the fields of Addiction Counseling, Prevention services and Crisis management.

Coaching with me

My mission and that of my practice is to keep people safe, to assist them through recovery, and to connect them with relevant inner and environmental resources to begin and/or continue recovering from their own or the impact of another’s addictions, obsessions, and/or compulsions.
My practice and I are committed to meeting our client’s needs and encouraging, self direction and contentment, placing the highest value on professionalism, and the operation of recovery services.
We desire to assist clients in reaching their potential, by utilizing self discovery to resolve any issues affecting their recovery
We are committed to fostering the value of professional performances for the benefit of those we serve.
We adhere to the social and moral codes of our community and the principles of empathy, care, passion, togetherness and social fluency.
We affirm the dignity and self-worth of our clients, and staff. We promote an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust, honesty, compassion and open communication.
We appreciate the confidentiality of our client’s affairs unless a serious threat to themselves and/or others is present.
We perform our services in an environment free of any political, doctrinaire or religious encumbrance.
We believe in listening to our client’s concerns and responding with positive actions that are in the best interest of our clients recovery and self developed plans.


Advent Recovery focuses not on an addict’s weaknesses, but rather on his or her strengths. By focusing on those abilities and strengths, Advent Recovery helps people to identify and remove obstacles blocking their path to recovery and assists them in getting their lives back on track. Rather than dictating what a client must do, Advent Recovery helps the client identify his or her own strengths, interests and goals. Advent Recovery then works with the client to create a personalized step-by-step plan to achieve their goals.This approach empowers our clients to take control of their life and their recovery.
We offer all coaching services online to those outside of the Delaware valley

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Suicide and Crisis Prevention Specialist
  • Drug and Alcohol Counseling
  • Sexual Assault Specialist
Advent Recovery, addiction recovery and intervention services was formed as a response to America’s need for recovery support services. Substance abuse and other addictive behaviors, including self harm were and still are reaching epic highs and at alarming rates. With the culture’s boom in destructive and self harming behaviors along came a rapid growth in the number of individuals and families who desired to recover from such behaviors. N.A., A.A. and many other self help groups are still being filled to the brim. Sometimes a guest speaker or other participants can’t even be heard from the back row. Treatment agencies are also seeing new arrivals at astonishing rates and Detoxification facilities are being forced to turn people away and recovery is being put on a waiting list. We at Advent Recovery Coaching do not disrespect or devalue support systems such as self help groups or treatment facilities in anyway. In fact its founder, Todd Dempsey has been adequately trained to become a part of them but the current options were just not enough. So something had to be done; so in response Recovery Coaching came to be in the year of 2003.

Around the same time in 1999 Todd Dempsey decided to become a student of psychology and sociological studies. Something inside of him lead him to that field of study. Later on down the road he found out what it was,…a Mental Disorder. Todd who had always had a passion for helping others and being the guy that his friends came to for advice and venting found himself in an awkward position. He was now dealing with his own insecurities, depressions, compulsions, good old fashioned panic attacks and downright emotional breakdowns but lucky for him after awhile they seemed to just go away. Suddenly he felt good again. He wasn’t afraid to speak up and he was able to return to places and activities that he was afraid to because of his attacks. In fact he felt better than good. See he had not realized at the time that that was very nature of his disorder, manic highs and deadly lows. So when the lows came back they came back hard and with a vengeance. So Todd who didn’t want to lose his 3.5 – 4.0 grade point average like so many others have, turned to outside and detrimental sources to cope with his unbalanced emotional states. The very means that he used to deal with his insecurities and emotional lows became the source of the greatest challenges in his life.

In order to deal with these challenges he had to create a game plan, he couldn’t just keep having things happen to him. He had to take active control of his life, his much loved responsibilities and workload and begin his much needed rehabilitation if he was ever to return. He had to recover all that his vices and misled choices had cost him. He had to reclaim his dreams and the person he knew he was deep down inside. So he worked hard to get his mind back into focus, the trust back from the people that he loved, a relationship with a God that he had long forgotten and most importantly a relationship with himself. Through hard work and an active game plan he did. He did recover. In fact he was able to become a better man than he was before his major troubles started. He learned how to properly cope with his disabilities, life’s ever present challenges and to keep himself and his commitments on track.

He was able to return to school and work to finish what he started but this time his education in psychology and sociology took on a more specific direction. He decided that he would graduate as an Addictions Counselor. Because of his education he was, and still is, able to work in the mental health field as he so long had desired. He learned much about his fields of study both through his education and his professional experiences working in the Human services field. He served as a Prevention Specialist at a well known treatment center in the state of Delaware. He worked one on one with clients and community groups to help and educate them about substance abuse and overdose prevention. He later went on to work as a “professional listener” at one of the state’s top Crisis and Suicide Prevention Lifelines where he was promoted as a staff supervisor. Todd even became a certified Sexual Assault Specialist which afforded him the opportunity to work one on one with survivors dealing with the horrors of sexual assault, one of life’s most challenging occurrences to physically and emotionally deal with.

While Todd was doing what he set out to do he also, at the same time, felt like something was missing. He felt surprisingly empty for a person who was positively helping others through addiction, thoughts of suicide, and the toughest times in their life. He was in fact recovered and doing the very things that he set out to do, doing “the impossible”. So what was it? Why was he not truly satisfied? Through careful introspection he found out. Although he was “the boss” he really was not running his own show. He was held back not by the work he had committed himself too but by the very structures that he worked within. With the help of a close confidant Todd came to realize that he had a bigger plan for his life. One that allowed him to work the way he wanted as well as harness the passion and knowledge that he held within and worked so hard to achieve. He decided to become a Recovery Coach.

Todd in his pursuit to start his own agency found out that many recovery coaches were not all what they cracked themselves up to be. Many truly did not have the skills and background to work with those pursuing an active recovery through self guided interventions. He found that many truly are not adequately trained in Addiction Recovery rather they were simply former addicts themselves. Although Todd was sure that these types could possibly be a help to their clients, as AA or NA sponcers often are, even with their limited training, he knew for sure that with his experiences and comprehensive training he could do much, much better and for more bang for his client’s buck. See, a Recovery Coach can’t call themselves a Counselor but a counselor can become a Recovery Coach.

So Todd decided to take that truly comprehensive education in the fields of psychology, sociology, and addiction counseling to use in starting his own Recovery Coaching agency. He became his own boss as he had always dreamed. He knew that if others like the individuals mentioned above could assist in helping men and women in making positive choices and active change in their life than he most definitely could while also meeting his own personal needs as an individual working in the helping professions.

Thus came Advent Recovery Coaching, addiction recovery and intervention services, a uniquely innovative approach to Addiction Recovery. One that includes, comprehensive knowledge as well as professional experiences, a deeply rooted passion and a dash of personal experience in exactly what it means to be lost and miraculously found. So feel free and safe to invite Advent Recovery to work with you in order to witness the Advent of your own Recovery. Advent Recovery is designed to provide intensive support to those wishing to begin or sustain recovery but the first step must be yours.

Fee description

Fees: from $35 USD to $75 USD

All Packages include unlimited e-mailing between sessions.
Assessment/Consultation Appointment (Usually takes an hour): FREE
1-Hour Rehabilitation Session: $75

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