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Toni Genovese

Wellness Coach, LCSW, NASM-CPT 
Morganville, New Jersey, United States
Wellness coaching for moms who put everyone first and now need to focus on themselves.
OFFERINGS: Private coaching

FEES from $75 USD to $125 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I am a Life & Wellness Coach, an NASM-Certified Personal Trainer and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. As a divorced mother of 3 and a parent of a special needs child I found myself trudging through life to get my tasks completed but I was losing out on experiencing joy. I started running, even though I never thought of myself as a runner. I just figured I had nothing to lose. Running and physical fitness were my key. I found they connected me to so many aspects of my life. I needed to nourish my body, develop my mind, and discover more than just a physical sense of strength to grow as a runner. This had an amazing impact on the rest of my life. As I grew, I watched my family thrive, too. I was at the core of their world and as I became strong so did all my relationships. This was my starting point for Strong at the Core Coaching. It is my mission to help you become physically, emotionally and spiritually strong at the core so you can create life balance, be healthier, have stronger, richer relationships and achieve your goals.   more...

Coaching with me

I work with my clients to acheive life balance, between their personal, professional and family goals.
I am a non-judgemental, supportive, goal-oriented and vision focused coach who likes to look toward the future with my clients. I also work on assisting my clients with turning their challenges into opportunities to create long lasting changes in their lives. I am holistic and look at the whole person, so health and wellness are very important in my sessions as well.


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45 minute phone coaching is available to focus on your wellness goals. Individual sessions and packages are available.
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Experience, Certifications and Training

  • BA, Psychology
  • MA, Psychology
  • Masters in Social work
  • World Coach Institute Graduate
I have been a social worker for more than 20 years and have worked as a therapist, psychology professor and with the military in the field of sexual assault prevention. As a divorced mom of 3 kids, including a special needs child, I have the experience to help busy moms who want to create more life balance. I provide the guidance and support of someone who has been there, who knows the path, and who wants to share it with compassion.

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $125 USD

Individual sessions are priced at $125.00 per 45 minute session. Purchase a package that is 3 months or more and sessions are $75.00 per 45 minute session.


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