lifecoach $225 USD Tonikia La Shawin Steans Tonikia La Shawin Steans Helping others achieve life goals and attain a life of freedom.
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Tonikia La Shawin Steans

CNLP, Mindful Expert 
Muncie, Indiana, United States

Helping others achieve life goals and attain a life of freedom.

About me

My name is Tonikia L. Steans, pronounced "toh-NEE-kah." 

I am a mother, daughter, wife, woman, person of color, and child of God. 

I am a Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Motivational Speaker, and Minister. 

I am a Relationship Expert and Blogger of  Mommie Needs A Nap. 

I am a human being on my own spiritual journey seeking to grow stronger in my relationships with others and with God through Jesus.

Join me  on a journey of Self-discovery and Empowerment. 

Get ready to Renew your mind and be Transformed.


Tonikia L. Steans is a Certified Practitioner. Tonikia L. Steans does not practice medicine or claim to be a medical professional in any sense. Tonikia L. Steans is not responsible for the outcome of the Client. The Client is fully responsible for all possible outcomes based on their commitment to the program.

Coaching with me


I help my clients learn what mindfulness is.I help them transform their mind and rewire their way of thinking througn deep breathing and meditation. This enhances the mentality and leads to a more effective lifetyle that is filled with living in the presence and getting rid of thoughts that keep them from fulling their ultimate life goal


I love to just start a conversation. I like the client to tell their story and what brought them to find a Mindful Coach. I like to listen and understand what is causing the client mental blocks. Understanding who your client is helps them to trust you and build the relationship that will lead to the clients success in their life plan.



One on One, Transition, Mindful, Workshops, Webinars, Visulization. Direct Strategic Life Plan



Zoom calls weekly or monthly depending on the type of plan you are enrooled in. All plans are designed around you the client. Appointments can be made online and you will exclusive access to free resources within your plan.

Short courses or group coaching

Mindful meditation one on one or group sessions. Plan a girls night with a group of friends to learn to relax and meditate. Coaching for kids and corporatations are offered in workshop and webinar training.

Ongoing training

Based upon the Life Plan you chose it could range anywhere from a consultation to Discover call and ongoing into the desired plan that could range from one month to 12 month with monthly one on one sessions as long as you want to continue.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • NLP
  • BA of Administration
  • CE
  • Mindful Practice
  • Relationships

I have dealt with stress and anxiety that lead to depression. I decided that I no longer wanted to be in the state of mind of self doubt. I started to research what causes mental stress and then it lead to taken classes to become a better person with in. I learned how to listen and build relationships by understanding that it is not always about me. Everyone has a story. I have helped single mothers start over. I have helped business owners become more successfull all by rewiring the way they think. I have helped children with learning disabilities.

Fee description

Fees: to $225 USD

Fees are also based on the desired plan that you the client designs with the help of the coach. The outcomes are based on the efforts of the client to succeed. 


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