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Travis J. Ramage

NLPCT Master Practitioner and Coach 
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
I am very passionate about helping people and found NLP and Coaching to be my most suitable career.

About me

Since I started in the workforce many years ago, I have been searching for my ideal profession where I could find something to become good at and help others in the process.

Early on, I learned that working for myself was a must if I was to achieve my including my own leather fashion design brand. I have achieved some levels of lifetime financial goals, so I have had more than my share of small businesses, success, but like many, I am always in pursuit of that "next goal".

While I was teaching English in Japan, a friend loaned me a set of CDs from an Anthony Robbins program. That's where I began learning about NLP. I immediately began applying it to my teaching style and noticed it really helped my students achieve their goals more quickly and with more enjoyment.

At that time, I didn't know there was a whole NLP and Coaching community and profession out there. In late December of 2012, I met with my brother James and we decided to start a new business and make this our new profession. We both began absorbing as much information about small business start ups, Goal setting, personal development and NLP. We set a bold goal to read 100 books per year which is proving to be a great challenge but enjoyable!
We set another goal to self-publish a tool that we were using and developing called our "Personal Success Journal", and completed it in July.
This hunger for knowledge also lead me to NLP Canada Training where I got certified as an NLP Practitioner and was amazed at how much it helped me to focus on my goals and achieve them.
As a result, I have finally found what I love most; Helping others achieve their most important goals and dreams. If I can achieve my goals and dreams, anyone can!

Coaching with me

Goals are at the center of my coaching service. Although I do help individuals with other types of change-work, goal planning and coaching is my primary focus because it brings about positive change quite quickly.
I begin by finding out what step of our goal planning process our clients have already completed and I help them to move from step to step, holding them accountable to the actions or tasks they discover in the process.
My clients will discover;
Their true passion and purpose.
A list of meaningful Life time goals that inspires them to act on them each day.
Shift limiting beliefs to beliefs that empower them and are in line with what they truly value.
Behaviors, strengths, skills and capabilities that support their goals.
New ideas, curiosity and an increased range of choices.
The ability to control and access resourceful states that support their success.

I prefer face-to-face coaching sessions most of the time although they are not always possible. I chose a "Venue" for our sessions that will support the change-work desired by my clients.
I am patient and supportive, giving clients a chance to be curious and discover their own answers during the various coaching exercises.
I limit teaching and advice to the goal planning process, the rest is "Content-free" and non-directive coaching. I believe everyone has within themselves already, the strengths, capabilities and resources to achieve their goals.
I use various NLP "Tools" or exercises to help clients "Process" shifts, leaving their unconscious minds to do the rest.
I encourage clients to meet at least bi-weekly in the beginning of our coaching relationship to establish a bond that supports our desired outcomes.
We always set a desired outcome for every coaching session, and I assign homework that is doable and realistic, but challenging enough to move clients forward.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

I provide Private and Semi-Private Goals and NLP coaching for people wanting to discover or clarify their desired outcomes, take action towards them and see results. I have also added Language Coaching for New Comers to Canada and Students of Study Abroad Programs.
Short courses or group coaching
I offer small group coaching for NLP and Goal Coaching to help business teams or organizations establish a set of goals, sales or fundraising targets new business start ups etc.
Ongoing training
NLP and Goal coaching can continue as long as the client values or needs the service. I usually recommend a minimum of 3-6 months.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner with NLP Canada Training Inc.
  • NLP for Coaching
  • NLP for Influence
  • NLP Living on Purpose
  • NLP Hypnotic Language
-Over 20 years experience in Entrepreneurship, Goal Planning, teaching and training.
-Lead, trained and supervised teams of teachers, sales staff and security personnel in various positions in Canada and Japan.
-Have turned many "Failures" into learning experiences which have proven to be more valuable than any formal schooling.
-learned Marketing, sales, accounting, project management, time management, leadership and much more from my various small business ventures over the years.

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $695 USD

NLP sessions start at $75 per 1hr session and continue in 1month, 3month, 6month or 12 month packages.
Goals Coaching Sessions start at $695 per 3 month package.
English Language Coaching Sessions start at $195 for 4 sessions in 1 month.


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