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Troy Sandifer

Certificate of Attainment  
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
I am a 30 year old New Era Life Coach

About me

Over the last 9 years I have been working in the Hospitality industry as General Manager all the way to a Corporate Trainer. Working in the Hospitality industry as a Executive manager and trainer has allowed me to work with many different people in many different states. I have seen many challenges with managing over 100 employees during my time in the Hospitality Industry. The great thing about the challenges were leading the team and each individual to an area off success in their work life and also their personal life. This has allowed me to gain personal experience with connecting with people on not only a business level but also on a personal level. Over the time I decided that Coaching was a passion for me and started my research on Life Coaching. I've gained great training to help further my ability to give some of the best Life Coaching to my clients. My goal as your Life Coach of Mentor is to first listen to you and with listening make sure that we Set, Reach and Accomplish those goals you set. My job is not to tell you what you should do but to help you pull the answer out that you already have within you.

Coaching with me

I am here to help my Clients achieve those goals we set forth during each session. My goal is to allow you to be comfortable and free to open up about what ever topic you would like to speak on and help you create your own answers to the topic spoken about. Then from there to lay out a road-map to successfully create and make those changes you see fit.
My coaching style is Comfort. It is important for each of my clients to be comfortable and able to feel free and able to trust.

There is a 100% No Judgement Zone when it comes to my Coaching Style.


I am open for Private Coaching in the near Atlanta region. I am also open for traveling.
Online coaching is one of the most common coaching as it allows my clients to get the coaching right from their own home or even at work.
Short courses or group coaching
I will be holding short and group courses over time, please stay tuned for an update.
Ongoing training
As a Life Coach and Mentor I want to make sure you succeed and see changes in your Life and typically One session doesn't accomplish that. though it can with many but with the passion I have in each of my clients I do check in to see where you are and how you are continuing to move forward in accomplishing those areas that was spoken about in the session.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Business Degree
  • Certificate of Life Coaching Attainment
I am a human being that has been through this thing you call Life and is still going through life. But through my journey as an adult and professional I have learned many things about myself and learned the ability to study other cultures. I have been a client to a Life Coach and therapist and it has helped me tremendously with my Life Goals, Work and Life Balance, and many other areas I was having a hard time juggling. In my career I have taken on many days of training and developing others with their Life battles and goals and I've been very successful at it. For me this is a Passion and I love to see the outcome of it. This is what differentiate me from many other Life Coaches. In order to successfully give what the client needs you have to know what the needs and with that you have to be sincere and passionate about what you do.

This isn't a job to me it is my Purpose and with knowing your purpose you then can make it a passion.

Looking forward to working with each of you.

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $200 USD

Online/Private Coaching

1st Session - Introduction (45mins) $50 for all new Clients

2nd - 5th Session - Embody Sessions (60mins) $75 each session

6th Session - Conclusion session (60mins) $50

Ongoing Session are $75 each session

Group Sessions





- Ask about

My Goal is to make sure each session is affordable for my clients and to successfully accomplish your goals within 6 Sessions.

These prices are subject to change


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