lifecoach $250 USD Valencia Griffin-Wallace Valencia Griffin-Wallace I am not a soft coach, I am a realist. I know what works when you use REAL GOALS/REAL ACTION plans.
Coach Valencia Griffin-Wallace
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Valencia Griffin-Wallace

Self-confidence & Lifestyle Design 
Sorrento, Louisiana, United States
I am not a soft coach, I am a realist. I know what works when you use REAL GOALS/REAL ACTION plans.

About me

My coaching program is designed per individual. However all programs start with active visualization and lifestyle detoxifying. I teach REAL GOALS and REAL ACTION is required. However, after losing 80 pounds of mental and physical weight, I learned how to use these techniques to change my life in every way. I live my message and have a no nonsense approach. Life waits for no one and I help you go get the life you deserve!

Coaching with me

When clients work with me, they learn how to detoxify and design the life they want. The learn how to change their thinking in order to make room for their new life. Everything from time/task management to losing weight. Clients learn how to take the chaos out of life and live versus survive.
I like interactive coaching using action steps and evaluation. Accountability is the key to successful coaching. I have a no nonsense approach and don't believe in allowing clients to waste money. It is an invest in themselves and I make sure they get a return on their investment with interest.


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1 hour session/ four times a month. Action assignments are required.
1 hour session/four times a month. Action assignments are required.
Short courses or group coaching
1 hour session/ four times a month. Action assignments are required.
Ongoing training
1 hour session/twice a month or 30 minute session/ four times a month. Action assignments are required.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Associates in business and social sciences
  • Certified Image Consulting
  • sociology courses
  • Various psychology courses
Not only surviving, but learning how to live life after growing up functionally dysfunctional. I started mentoring and teaching people how to change their life. After taking various courses and learning how to use my gift, I decided to start coaching people outside of my arm's reach. I give people what they need versus what they want..In the process of inspiring and motivating people, I help them transform their life. Often the change is already in them, like it was in me, I help bring it out. I am transparent and everything I teach, I have lived.

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $250 USD

Fees depend on service selected and program provided.


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