lifecoach $3000 USD Veena Maheshwari Veena Maheshwari My coaching focuses on building soul-sets and to enroot my students into true spirituality.
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Veena Maheshwari

Tantra Vidya Expert 
Queens, New York, United States

My coaching focuses on building soul-sets and to enroot my students into true spirituality.

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About me

Veena Maheshwari is specialized in Kundalini Yoga, Mahayana Tantra and Saivism. She is blessed with a high psychic awareness towards the healing techniques and opening the vortexes of human body to make it a tool to achieve success in any realms that a being needs.

She had worked privately with many clients over past few years and helped them attain an awareness about themselves as well their energy patterns to help them balanced and create unity in the heart and brain waves.

Soul Kriya's main aim is to make people aware of themselves and their greatness through soul searching and to help each other as a community.

This initiative is required to make world a better place by spreading the message of unity in our consciousness and true abilities of each soul that comes forth in this dimension.

Coaching with me


The main goal through my coaching is to help my students create a higher awareness about themselves and the answers they're seeking regarding their true purpose and creating happiness and fulfillness.


I first get to know the student and their overall energy which will give me a clear idea about their requirement and the technique which should be used. Some of them might just require a cleansing ritual or some might need to take up the course or an on-going training.

My individual training will be provided to all those who are eligible to ascend higher in their purpose and create selflessly.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


An opportunity to interact with the coach to figure out which path will be good for them. Each program in Soul Kriya is very esoteric and exclusive. The student and coach must be compatible and needs to have certain soul characteristics to be assigned with specific techniques.

Because of the nature of the practices in this academy, it is very important that student takes up this consultation first and foremost.

Short courses or group coaching

The courses are designed to make the students face their own unresolved patterns in subconsious levels that have been accumulated from years. This requires some previous spiritual knowledge which will be given before entering the session along with some purification process.

Ongoing training

This offering is for those who are going through hard times such as depression, anxiety, panic attack disorders and some kind of physical illness and resulted lack of sel esteem.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Study of Veda/Upanishad
  • Mahayana Tantric Meditation Practices
  • Saiva Siddhanta

I have been helping a lot of people to form peace with energies in their bodies that is disrupting their full bloom into true potential. I myself had a revelation about my life work when I started to practice the type of meditations that I wish to offer my students to bring the same breakthroughs to their life as well.

Fee description

Fees: from $25 USD to $3000 USD


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