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Veronica N. Cuyugan

Certified Life Coach/Bliss Expert 
Shalimar, Florida, United States

Author of "Become Your Own Bliss," Wellness Coach, Bliss Catalyst and Lover of life.

About me

My journey began on rock bottom. I woke up on the cold surface, shrouded in darkness, alone with my vices and bruised by life. Surprised to be alive, I began to take the steps that led me to an evolutionary epiphany. My happiness was my own responsibility. All my young life, I had chosen to keep chasing bliss in all the wrong places, and it wasn't until I experienced rock bottom that I realized that the joy I experienced was contingent upon my ability to utilize circumstances, no matter how grim, as stepping stones to happiness.

We all share the same desires as humans. To be loved, blissful, successful, powerful, competent, and healthy - amongst other desires, drive our lives.

Coaching with me


I work with clients in order to empower them to live their most blissful and purpose-driven lives. Together we will create a space for wellness, bliss, and the pursuit of endeavors that have previously fallen by the wayside.


My coaching style vastly differs, depending on the client's preferences. I am available for telecoaching, virtual coaching, and those who sign up for my coaching programs have access to weekly 1-on-1 coaching.



One-on-one, coaching via telecoaching, virtual coaching, and on-location (face-to-face) sessions.


Online coaching programs that are self-paced and come with customized progress guides.

Short courses or group coaching

Group coaching is a favorite among clients and are supplemented by private social media groups as well as periodic conference calls.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Holistic Life Coach Certification, Spencer Institute
  • Certified Wellness Coach, Auburn University OPCE
  • Certified Life Skill Coach, Auburn University OPCE

Fee description

Fees: from $250 USD to $2500 USD

Online coaching courses begin at $250 and my one-on-one retainer fee begins at $2,500.00 per month.


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