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Wanda Peyton

Certified Behavior Coach for Women 
Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States
IML Certified Human Behavior - Performance Coach for Women - Real Estate Coach - Spiritual Coach
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About me

Life Energized Coaching partners with People Keys Human Behavior DISC Assessment and Best Year Yet Online Planning and Tracking to offer a platform that supports self empowerment and career success. It is my belief that we first must understand ourselves and what motivates and inspires us as well as our inherent fears and weaknesses. Empowered with this information along with a process for transformation and an enhanced belief system, we can manifest our dreams and desires.

For over 20. years it has been my honor to have mentored and coached hundreds of women seeking self empowerment and/or improvement in some aspect of their business or personal life.

I am the co-author of Life Lessons Mastering the Law of Attraction From Mark Victor Hansen's Chicken Soup for the Soul. As a small business owner I have appeared in over dozen national magazines and documentaries on Women in Business.

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Coaching with me


For over 20 years it has been my delight to have mentored and coached hundreds of women seeking to improve some aspect of their business or personal life, people who were seeking to live their dreams.

It has been my greatest honor to support my clients in transformation and expansion, to serve as a guide in their journey between aspiration and manifestation. Life Energized Coaching partners with Best Year Yet Online Planning and Tracking to offer a platform that supports the power of focus, awareness and management of emotional energy, plans of action, tracking results and accountability which have been the transformational tools that have and are turning dreams into reality.

My coaching style is relational first of all. It is important for me to really understand my clients and not assume I know them before really connecting one on one. The very first step is to provide each client with a personality - behavior assessment tool. It takes only 15 min at most. The assessment is done on line and the results are enlightening and support both my clients in understanding themselves and of course me, as their coach, to begin to have a deeper understanding of them. Next I use a client liberation tool to help my client determine what it is that they want to shift, improve, empower or create in their experience. Then together we build a bridge from where they are to their desired destination.


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This is private 1-1 coaching that takes place either by phone or video conferencing. All coaching begins with a complimentary Personality Assessment and interpretation and discovery analysis. Then a plan of action.
Online coaching is available to all clients which enhances our online tools and resources.
Short courses or group coaching
All clients will have opportunity to register for group coaching when offered.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Brian Buffini Real Estate Mentor
  • Certified Spiritual Life Coach - Coaching From Spirit Sharon Wilson
  • Certified Best Year Yet Online Platform Coach
  • Certified Behavior Consultant by The Institute for Motivational Living
  • National Association of Real Estate - Senior Real Estate Specialist
  • California License Realtor
  • The Introduction to Behavior Analysis Course
  • The Advanced Behavior Analysis Course
  • Spiritual Life Coaching
30 years as a successful coach, realtor and entrepreneur have given Wanda Peyton a unique perspective on human potential, leadership, motivation and change.

Wanda Peyton is the CEO of P.E.W. Associates Alliance, Inc and founder of Life Energized Coaching, Speaking and Training. She is also certified by The Institute For Motivational Living as Behavior Analysis Consultant, Coach and Trainer and authorized to administer, score and interpret the profile instruments of the DISC Personality System.

PEW Associates Alliance Inc. allows her to offer speaking, coaching and consulting programs that are making an impact on her clients.

At the age of 24, Wanda founded and was President of Los Angeles security guard and patrol company which was responsible for employment of over 3000 men and women in the Los Angeles region.
By 27 she was written up in US News & Report, Sepia Magazine, New West Magazine, and a dozen other publications.
By 28 Wanda appeared in a documentary produced by LSD Productions on women in business as well as several television interviews.
In 1984 Wanda entered the real estate industry and begin to build her team.
During 1992 Wanda received recognition for achieving a ranking of the 4th highest producer in units sold out of field of 90,000 realtors in US.
Wanda was featured in several real estate trade magazines and a national ad campaign for Century 21.
By 1994 Wanda was invited by Real Estate Television Network to hostess a series of shows on Mindset and Inner Motivation.
By 2006 Wanda became CEO / Team Leader of Keller William Realty in Fontana Ca.
In 2008 Wanda’s became a participating author in Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen’s Chicken Soup for the Soul / Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction – 7 Essential Ingredients for Living a Prosperous Life Co Authored by Jeanna Gabelini and Eva Gregory
Wanda is also a certified transformational coach for The Best Year Yet Global Online Goal Setting and Tracking Program as well as a Brian Buffini Peak Producers Certified Mentor
Wanda is a sought after life - performance coach, presenter and motivational speaker. Her presentations are inspirational, informative, moving, entertaining and life changing.
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Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $300 USD

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