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Whitney Gaffari

Life & Health Coach, Lisc. CHC 
Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
I empower plus-size women to manage their weight and stress and obtain a strong emotional balance.

About me

These days I wear quite a few hats, but the one I am most proud of is being a loving, passionate and devoted partner, to the love of my life.

As corny as all of that sounds, I lead with that, because falling in love again is something I didn’t quite think was possible, having been through the life I have.

People often make the assumption that I just woke up being in love with myself, life, nature, all things natural and healthy...that I live, eat and breathe puppies, kitties and rainbows....but I beg to differ!

Growing up in the small town of Cape Girardeau, Missouri was not only challenging because I was in the minority, but I was also bigger than the rest of the girls in my class. I had a brother I didn't get along with and though my parents did the best they could, our home life wasn’t very ideal.

The trials of depression, anxiety, binge eating and horrible self talk and limiting beliefs spiraled me into the darkest and scariest places of my life. I became a human-doing, not a human-being. I was merely existing and not at all thriving.

After finally, realizing that something HAD to give, I decided it was time to begin putting my life back together and that meant, for the first time EVER, I was going to learn to love myself.
Love myself for all the ugly, dark and twisty, broken areas of my life.

I needed to learn from these areas so that I wouldn't have to use them as a crutch any longer and release them from my baggage. If I was going to do this, it meant I had to acknowldedge them and then move on. Why? Because doing so would take back the power they held over me and allow that space to begin to heal and become areas of my life that would be more beautiful than I could ever imagine.
And you know what? They did!

It's my experiences that have helped me discover that this was my true life’s mission! The purpose of my existence is to be of service to others by supporting them through all of life's transitions as they navigate the path to their greatest, healthiest, most flourished and nourished version's of themselves.

Had I never pushed myself to take one small step towards loving me-for me; I would have never learned how to heal myself. I would not have discovered exactly how and what to give my mind, body and soul what it needed in order to heal.

At almost 50 lbs lighter, emotional barriers broken down, an ex-husband (and a bankruptcy) under my belt, acknowledgement and acceptance that I AM a sexual abuse survivor and chronic anxiety gone in the wind; I have TRULY found my place on this earth!

I've learned to open my mind up to all of life’s possibilities and ceased believing there was only ONE way to live my life. Life is beautiful!

My life was forever changed when I was introduced to the amazing lifestyle brand Arbonne. I learned first hand that I could gain even more personal development and self confidence, be connected to an empowering sense of community that spans internationally- of like minded women and men -and a business partnership that would enhance my tribe of women's experience with Soul Nutrition.

It was offered, only if I wanted it, and I chose to take it!
The idea of building a business that I would be able to will my residual income to my loved ones was complete icing on the cake! I'm not going to lie, it blew me away!

But the real wow factor for me personally though was that I found a business partnership who's lifestyle products were in strict alignment with my desire to live a pure, safe and beneficial life-and THAT is all I've ever wanted for myself and for all the plus size women I was meant to serve and support. I wanted real resources for you to have access to.

My life was messy and certainly no walk in the park, but I share all my skeletons with you so that you know I am REAL.
I have been through what you are going through, and can help you evolve through what you may think is the ugliest part of your life.

I’m here to help you and I WILL NOT let you fail. Together, you and I will find the nourishment for your soul, so that YOU can also feel whole again.

Coaching with me

I empower my clients to achieve the very best versions of themselves and quality of life that they can achieve.

However, it's important to understand that for some, that could mean building enough self confidence to present a presentation during a meeting. While for others it could mean effectively setting boundaries between work and family time so that they can be present for their loved ones.

The projects we take on in life can be stressful but YOUR ENTIRE life doesn't have to be.

The common results that I provide to my clients are:

Better time management

Greater sense of self

Stronger relationships with friends, family and significant others

Stronger sense of self-love

Techniques for managing strong emotions

Inner peace and the ability to move past one's past and shame

Mental clarity and a balanced mind

Belief that they are enough

Knowledge of what foods work for their individual bodies and which ones are not

Understanding of their priorities

Better sense of what good nutrition looks like

Healthy weight loss

Increased home cooking skills and food management

A more active lifestyle and routine for healthy movement

Incorporating mindful techniques as a consumer when shopping i.e...reading and understanding ingredient labels, understanding WHAT is actually in self care/hygiene products and cosmetics as well as household items

I like to approach each of my clients as a blank canvas and without any preconceived ideas or notions. I'm eager to hear what has brought you to me and what exactly it is that you want to gain.
One of the ways I do this is by conducting a free Health Strategy session with each of my clients. This session allows for you and I to get to know each other better, and identify what immediate roadblocks you are experiencing and ultimately what it would be like, if you and I were to work together.

My approach to guiding you to a healthier, happier place in life is holistic. Which means that in order for us to advance from point A to B, we must take a look at the entire route. Chances are if you are struggling in one area, there is at least one other area that is deficient, which is causing you to focus on the original area of concern.

When it comes to supporting my clients who are seeking weight loss and nutritional support, I don't dwell on calories, carbs and extensive lists. While those items have a place in the conversation in their own right, it's important to recognize that everyone's bodies processes food differently. I will teach you how to listen to your own body and understand your bio-individuality. The concept of bio-individuality is an important one and one that I emphasis tremendously to everyone. Simply put, this concept simply means that one man's food is another man's poison...or woman! :-) I also show my clients that how and when you are eating could be the cause of other things going on in your life...which ties to the earlier paragraph about needing to address the other areas of your life!

Through a series of exercises and dialogues you and I will be able to assess what triggers the unwanted dynamics in your life. Then, together you and I will come up with a strategy to help you adopt modifying behaviors to eliminate these roadblocks and help you achieve the quality of life that suits you.

I invite you to book a complimentary health strategy and breakthrough session with me today, so we can begin working on your tomorrow. Together, you and I will nourish then flourish your life!


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

My signature program is designed to guide you through each area of your life to identify where not only the greatest area of opportunity is for you to grow, but also simple improvements to implement in every area so you can reach your full thriving potential.

You completely drive the session and set the pace for what it is that you need. No two clients will ever have the same experience, because everyone's needs and level of support are unique.

As a client you will…
-Identify all the emotional roadblocks that keep you feeling stuck
-Set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting
-Work to achieve and maintain your ideal weight
-Understand, deconstruct and reduce your cravings
-Increase your energy levels
-Feel great in your own mind, body and skin
-Learn about new foods and how you can easily incorporate them
-Improve your personal relationships
-Discover the confidence to create the life you want
-Learn how to fuel your mind and body for great lasting results and habits

Common topics explored with clients...
-Portion Control and Mindful Eating
-Stress Management and Self Care
-Supercharged Goal Setting
-Menu Planning for Success
-Exercise Strategies to Maximize Results Without Spending Hours at the Gym
-Understanding and Conquering Cravings
-Simple Ways to Boost Energy
-Deciphering Food Labels Made Easy
-What it Means To Forgive, How to Do It And Mean It
-Letting Go of What Does Not Serve Me
-Expectation Hangovers...How to Move Past Them
-Why it’s Not Just About Food and Exercise
-What Does A Balanced Life Look Like For You?
-Why Diets Don't Work and What Does Work, Long-term
-Mindset and Habits for Powerful Change

This flexible option provides you with the same benefits, results and accountability as the Private Coaching option however all sessions are conducted online.

Therefore, you receive the same signature 6-month program designed to guide you through each area of your life. As we assess each area together you and I will identify where not only the greatest area of opportunity is for you to grow, but also simple improvements to implement in every area so you can reach your full thriving potential. You completely drive the session and set the pace for what it is that you need. No two clients will ever have the same experience, because everyone's needs and level of support are unique.

Short courses or group coaching

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Licensed Life Coach
  • Health Coach, CHC
  • Universal Life Church
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition
I founded my lifestyle coaching practice, Soul Nutrition shortly before I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

My mission has always been to empower plus women to feel better within their skin and have the confidence to face each new day with their head held high. Thereby, Soul Nutrition provides empowering support around weight loss, stress management and emotional balance support. I knew if these tools were more affordable and available more people would be able to access them and obtain the kind of life they deserved.

Currently, I have shown lasting tools to two ladies who have struggled their entire lives with both their weight and feelings of worthiness. They have discovered their own voice and inner strength to speak up for themselves and what they feel they deserve from their respective professional and personal relationships.

I have consulted with couples who struggle to find peace within their relationships and provided them tools on enacting forgiveness and how to move forward.

In the coming weeks I will be beginning consulting work for a local St. Louis charter school that is looking to implement a nutrition and wellness program for their students.

Fee description

Fees: to $125 USD

Private and Online Coaching - $125.00 a month (USD)


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