lifecoach $70 USD Yasmeen Abu-Alsaoud Yasmeen Abu-Alsaoud I believe in health, happiness, body, mind and soul incorporated into real life
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Yasmeen Abu-Alsaoud

B.S. in Counseling from Lesley Coll 
Boston , Massachusetts, United States

I believe in health, happiness, body, mind and soul incorporated into real life

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FEES from $25 USD to $70 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Hi, my name is Yasmeen, I graduated from Lesley College in 2013; Since then I've been working as a teacher for ages 0-6 years old as well as developing my love and interest in meditation, yoga, art, creative writing, nutrition and health.
My passion is in helping others, I have a natural disposition to teach and a love for knowledge that I never stop nurturing. I may look young but I have the experience, heart and mind to open someone up to the world and all it has to offer. Learning how to navigate life and training your mind to change how you perceive the things you can not change can in itself produce so much happiness in you. It's the inward journey we all need to take to reach our potentials. The solution sometimes starts externally but needs to take place within to really create a home base.
In my practice I ask you what you want or need out of a life coach, out of yourself and out of life and we go from there. I like to share my knowledge but ultimately it's about what helps you, as a mutual partner in the conversation the most. Its about what works; not necessarily what research says, though I read a lot, but what as my client and partner in working together feels is right for you.   more...



One on one coaching at a cafe, library, or someplace outside, wherever you most feel comfortable.
Price: $45-70 sliding scale, am somewhat flexible.


I can do phone calls for $25-35 or Skype calls for $35-50.

Ongoing training

We can meet once a week or more depending on your needs. I have a flexible schedule and can work with you.

Fee description

Fees: from $25 USD to $70 USD


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