lifecoach $200 USD Yuki Konno Yuki Konno I am helping people in difficult transition to re-navigate their lives to be happier.
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Yuki Konno

MS. Life Re-navigation Coach 
Seattle, Washington, United States

I am helping people in difficult transition to re-navigate their lives to be happier.

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OFFERINGS: Private coaching

FEES from $35 USD to $200 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Thank you for visiting my information. My name is Yuki. I am a certified life coach and Reiki Master. Instead of calling me as a life coach, I use the name of "Life Re-Navigation Coach." Everyone is in a unique situation and has a different goal and dream. You are the one who decides which way your life should be. My job is to help you to re-navigate your life to where you want.
I use meditation and strategic intervention techniques in sessions. These methods decrease your doubt and fear and increase your creativities to make concrete action steps.
Contact me to get Your Life Re-Navigation Session.

I am looking forward to talking to you.


Coaching with me


I help you to decrease your fear, doubt, and negative thinking, and increase your creativity and re-navigate your life to where you want.

Here are some how I help you;

1) Do you want to stop your negative self-talk? I went through a difficult life transition, and this was what I wanted to know most at the time, "How to become happier?" Your happiness needs to come from inside of you first, then starts to show up outside of you. I know what to do to return your energy to take a baby step.

2) Do you feel alone? One of the reasons people stop or give up their goal is a lack of support and advice. Do you have anyone you can share what you really want in your life? Do you have anyone who believes your potential? I will be your partner for your goal.


I believe everyone has already had some ideas of what to do to improve their lives. However, many obstacles (fear, doubt, belief, excuse, etc.) block your view or hide your creativity and energy to reach what you want.
My sessions are very flexible depending on your needs. I typically start to clarify your needs and what your blocks are. I use some meditation technique to remove your blocks based on your condition.
The purpose of the session is to give you a direction and some action plans. Many people feel motivated during sessions, but it doesn't mean they will execute the plans. So, I will track your progress and modify your steps as needed.
We can discover why you think things in a certain way and how you can release your limitation.
Your progress usually starts from inside of you such as feeling calmer, happier and capable of handling problems. Then, you will see some changes in your life.



1) Tele-Coaching: My session is about 45 minutes (40 - 50 minutes) by Skype or Zoom

2) In-Person Coaching: Are you in Greater Seattle Area? I am happy to discuss your goals in person.

3) Email Coaching: Do you feel more comfortable by emails? I am happy to talk about your goals by emails too.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Usui and Holy Fire II Reiki Master
  • Certification of Life Coach
  • Life Solutions Reiki Training Center
  • Renaissance Life Therapies Training Academy
  • Robbins-Madanes Training

I experienced divorce, loss of trust especially in the relationship, financial instability, and so on. It was a long and painful dark moment in my life. So, if you are in the similar situation, I know how much it is hurting you.
One thing you need to remember is you can overcome this pain. It may take some time, but it will eventually end as long as you work on it.
You may have many thoughts like, "why it is me!" "it is not fair!" I had them for a long time. But I know now I needed it. I needed the painful experience to grow and go to the next chapter of life.
Contact me to re-navigate your life.

Fee description

Fees: from $35 USD to $200 USD

1) Tele-Coaching: $100 / session (40 - 50 minutes) by Skype or Zoom

2) In-Person Coaching: $150 / session (40 - 50 minutes)

3) In-Person Coaching and Reiki: $200 / session (70 - 80 minutes)

4) Email Coaching: $35 / email (350 words maximum)


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