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Zipporah Robinson

Brookfield, Illinois, United States
I help uncertain and struggling students gain confidence inside and outside the classroom

About me

Hello! My name is Zipporah. But, you can call me Ms. Z, if you want. I help improve your possibility of successful academic completion or job/career readiness.

My mission is to bring clarity, direction, and positive support to you.  Whether you are preparing for your next journey or unsure about it, I can help you. Please reach out!”

Coaching with me


From high school to college, I go beyond tutoring by helping uncertain or struggling students clarify their goals and gain confidence in themselves inside and outside the classroom.


  1. I look at your personal circumstance and we talk about what you want to discover or change. Using my expertise and experience, I can help you find out even your hidden talents. After one session, some even figure out their new career paths.

  2. You customized the plan choosing a plan based on your circumstance

  3. Reserve your spot for personalized support. We begin working on your personalized strategy



Private coaching session

  • 1 session: $60

  • 4 sessions: $200

  • 8 sessions: $320


All sessions are online

Experience, Certifications and Training


I have applied my acute attention to detail in most of my interactions with clients. I make an effort to double-check the validity of the information I provide to clients (based on their program) to ensure that they will not be misled. I am a great communicator (I also speak Spanish and Portuguese). I  demonstrate patience with clients who are often confused or ill-informed. I help clients create clear, concise plans based on the situation that they may find themselves in.

I have over 20 years of experience working in education with over 15 years working in higher education institutions. I spent over 10 years supervising or managing student staff, and advising or coaching students.


I currently work at the institutional office of a prestigious private research university. I help student retention through advising and coaching. I train leaders in student success and I supervise and train coaches in staff development. I assist in student advisement, coaching, mentoring, and the student academic review process.

Fee description

Fees: from $60 USD to $320 USD

  • Private coaching session

    1 session:  $60
    4 sessions: $200
    8 sessions: $320


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