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Zipporah Robinson

Brookfield, Illinois, United States
Academic Life Coach and Career Development

FEES from $350 USD to $610 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I help make the student experience a focal point. My focus is on pre-collegiate preparation, student enrollment, student support, student retention, and student success. I have over 15 years of experience working with a broad range of institutions and diverse student populations focusing on faculty support, administrative support, and student support. This includes training and mentoring to develop proficiency. I’ve worked with executives, middle management, staff, students, and constituents.

The pandemic has taken its toll on students, and they are dropping out at an alarming rate. There are many reasons why...from lack of college preparation in school, family responsibilities, emotional or mental health issues, and the family background. Minority students also are having difficulty staying in college because secondary schools do little to prepare them for college or university life. The higher education system does little to support current students before their freshman year is finished. Basically, our freshman students have lost motivation by the time they've started their second semester. It's time we focused back on the most important school subject....our students and their future careers.



I coach 1:1 - 

  • Summer Intensive College Prep - 2 months

  • Pre-Collegiate / High School - 3 months

  • Current College Students - 4 months


All sessions are online

Ongoing training

There are opportunities to continue with each package.

Fee description

Fees: from $350 USD to $610 USD

  • Summer Intensive College Prep - 2 months = $350

  • Pre-Collegiate / High School - 3 months = $460

  • Current College Students - 4 months = $610


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