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6 Steps To Detox Your Body Of Harmful Toxins: The Road to Alcohol and Drug Recovery

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A Healthy Diet Plays

The first step in alcohol and drug addiction recovery is the detoxification of the body from the harmful toxins that drugs and alcohol live in your system. Although rehab centers provide detox support for in-patient care, some people choose to get outpatient detox. In order to successfully detox at home, it is important to know the essential steps towards ridding your body of harmful toxins to start your recovery journey. 

Here is a guide to how you can prepare and detox your body from harmful toxins:

1. Learn About The Process

Starting the detox without any prior knowledge about it can be scary and overwhelming because everybody’s reaction to detox is different.  It is important to know that you should learn as much as you can about the process whether you're starting inpatient or outpatient detox

Meet up with a professional and determine whether you are a good candidate for an outpatient detox that you can do on your own and learn all about withdrawal and what happens during the process of detoxification so that you know what to expect and how to prepare for it since it’s always better to be prepared! 


2. Clear Your Schedule

The detox process will take time and you may not be able to commit to work and other responsibilities during the process or at least the first few days. You are already putting your body to a great deal of stress during the detox and trying to commit full time to your other responsibilities like work will tire you out.

If you have to take care of somebody else like kids or the elderly, then make sure that you find somebody to replace you until you can. It is important to get any help that you need and not hold back!

3. Detox Diet

A healthy diet plays an important role in the detox process.  When toxins enter your body, they can deprive it of the essential nutrients that it needs to function properly. Toxins also damage the body tissue and energy levels.  Having the right kind of diet will help you recover your energy and accelerate your detox process. Here are a few things you should consider in your diet:

  • Healthy carbohydrates
  • Peanuts 
  • Almonds 
  • Vitamin A, B, and E rich foods
  • Iron
  • Phosphorus 
  • Potassium
  • Leafy vegetables

Also, make sure that you drink plenty of water and stay hydrated because it can really speed up your detox process. Especially for the first few days, hydrate as much as you can because your body needs oxygen and it will help heal the body faster. 

4. Find Support

Detox can be an overwhelming process and a strong support network will help you stay motivated and dedicated on the path to reading your body of all the harmful toxins.  Find people that can support you in the process whether it is your family, friends, or a support group.

Support groups are a great way of connecting with people who have been through the process and they can guide you in a lot of ways through the experience and make the process a whole lot easier for you.  Moreover, ask your friends and family to hold you accountable during this process and motivate you to keep going on during the harder days!

5. Seek Professional Help

A holistic approach to detox includes prescribed medication to help with withdrawal and its side effects, as well as the above-mentioned factors. Seek professional help like therapy that will help you stay motivated and on the right path to ridding your body of toxins.

Therapy is an essential part of drug and alcohol detox and recovery because sometimes the cause of the substance abuse is mental illness, stress or trauma, etc. Treating the root cause will keep you from getting de-tracked and prevent relapse! 

6. Exercise And Physical Process:

Exercise and yoga help clear the mind and promote brain health. participating in physical activities is absolutely important because it will help you restore your energy and build stamina which will in turn help to get through the detox process. Moreover, not only is it essential to take care of the body to detox from alcohol and drugs, but a healthy and fresh mind is equally essential!

There are many things that go into the detox process from diet to physical activities and therapy. It is important to not take the stress and focus on healing your body and ridding it of the harmful toxins! Make sure you keep in mind these things before you start your detox journey and seek any help needed!


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