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Appreciate Everything You Have in your Relationships

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Appreciate everything in your life and your relationships will reap the rewards.

Instead of wanting what you don't have, why not try being grateful for what you do have right now? Whether single or married, appreciate the relationships in your life right now.


If you are a single parent wishing you have a husband or a wife, appreciate the extra time you have to dedicate to your children right now.

You might not understand why that special person has not shown up in your life yet... Who knows, maybe at this time in your life, your children may need your undivided attention for whatever reason.

But instead of fighting your circumstances, embrace them. Love your children a little longer and a little harder. The stress that children go through these days is unbelievable. They are not always going to be around. They grow up and have families of their own.


Now... LOOK AROUND. That special person may be there all along and you're just not seeing it. Why? Maybe because of that long list of "must haves" you created just after your divorce, you know, in your bitter stage.

  1. First take a look at yourself: Would you make someone else's "must haves" list?
  2. Next, take a look at your "must haves list." Will these things matter when you're going through hard times and this is the one person who has stayed by your side, who can turn your frown to a smile? Will these things matter when you're old and gray? Stop pushing people away out of fear!


Married? I'll share this true story. When I was married, but going through hard times, I was taking a class. The teacher shared with us about her own life and someone in the class asked "Why did you get divorced?"

Her answer impacted me so much, I will never forget it.

Her face went blank as if she could not think of the "why." Somewhat horrified, she said "You know, after it's all said and done, you don't even remember. The things you fight about, you realize they were so meaningless."

Having been married for 13 years and now single for 8 years, I completely understand her answer. Granted there are some things like adultery or abuse that are just not acceptable, like it was in my case. But it is not the case in most divorces today.

The single life is not all that is cracked up to be. After a while clubs and bars are just a cold place to be. We are always too quick to look outside for "self-fulfillment" and not take the time to see the blessings right under our nose.


Single or married, appreciate the people in your life. God strategically places people in your life to help you accomplish your purpose. The people in your life are there to challenge you, to help you grow.

Yep, even the ones that annoy you. They teach you patience, unconditional love, long suffering = True love.

We cannot do it alone. Alone you will stand still.


What can you do to start appreciating everything you have, and what's right in front of you? Let me know below!

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  • Jerry Singh
    May 18, 2013

    Well, to answer your question, I suppose the first thing I should be thankful for is my health. I have had asthma as a child and am very prone to attacks, however with the implementation of a healthy lifestyle, the attacks are fewer and far between.

    I like your tip of "APPRECIATE THE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE". Without my family and close friends, life would not be as special.

    Thank you for this eye opening read!

  • Amy M.
    May 19, 2013

    Hi Clary,
    I'm a divorced single parent raising 2 kids on my own and this article really moved me. You are very right in saying that I should appreciate my kids and not look too hard for mr. Right. I also like how you said that at this point of time in my life, my kids may need me more. I've alwys known that but it's good seeing it staring right at me.


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