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Are You Heading in the Right Direction?

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Like most people, you’ve probably wondered, at times, if you were heading in the right direction. Maybe you’re even wondering that very thing right now. Maybe you’ve been going back and forth between two or more alternatives and you have no idea which way to go - and that's why you're reading this article. Maybe you've even done a ton of research, but you still can’t make up your mind.

You're not alone.

How would you feel if you could know that you’re moving in the right direction? What if you could be absolutely certain about it?

I'll bet you'd feel pretty damn good. You'd more than likely feel some relief, right Maybe even happier? More free?

Well, you can become that certain. You can experience all of those feelings and more. You can find out with 100% accuracy if you’re going in the right direction. And the Universe will deliver to your doorstep whatever it is that you really desire.

But that can only happen when you utilize one specific "super-power": decision.



Transformation happens in your life when you start to make real decisions.

I can hear some of you now: “But, Shawn, I decide all the time. I make decisions every single day.” I'm sure you do. And you're probably very good at making certain kinds of decisions.

However, when it comes to the decisions that you really have to weigh out — that could catapult you to an entirely new level in life — how well have you been doing? Are you feeling stressed out over those decisions? Anxious? Have you been asking other people what they think you should do?

You see, when you make a decision that you’re 100% committed to, you can move mountains. The people, resources and ideas to make it happen will gravtitate toward you very quickly — but not until you're 100% in. When you truly decide at this level you are making a declaration to the Universe: “This is how it’s going to be.”

Anything can happen when you discover the things about which you can be truly passionate and excited, and when you make a from-the-gut level decision to follow whatever that happens to be. The Universe will respond appropriately.


So then, what happens when you’re feeling uncertain? Use your "super-power!" It's the perfect time to make a decision! 

When you’re fully committed to your decision, you’ll pool all your resources, all your effort, all your energy into making it the right decision.

What if it turns out to be the wrong decision? That will become apparent very quickly and you can adjust your course accordingly! That said, if you don’t make a decision, that's a decision in itself and nothing will change.


  • There you are, sitting in a restaurant and you’re very hungry. The waiter brings you a menu which you examine thoroughly to decide what you want. You think you might want the steak. Then you turn the page and the linguini really catches your eye. Now, you just can’t decide. You hum and haw, but to no avail. This goes on for quite some time. You ask your dinner guests what they think you should order and you can see that they're getting anxious, but you just can’t make up your mind. What happens? Nothing. (if you’re lucky the waitress will recommend something, but in this instance, the waitress is new and has never tried either dish;-)

The point is this: You need to decide.


As I mentioned, it is also vital to undertand that with time, the very act of not deciding becomes a decision, as well.

If you want to experience absolute certainty about where you are going, you MUST harness the power of decision. The only real way to transform your life and move closer to your true desires (and to do so with the incredible excitement and sense of power that comes with certainty) is to decide.

I encourage you to decide where you are, with what you’ve got. If you have to, start small. Take baby steps, if you have to. Just get started.

You can be your own hero.

Becoming a master decision-maker doesn’t happen overnight, however. You must use this "super-power" consistently.

With practice, it will become permanent.

You can be the star of your own life. You don’t have to be an extra. But you’re going to have to make decisions. Right or wrong, making a decision will get you moving. And you’ll find out one hell of a lot quicker if it’s the right one, than you will by sitting on your ass doing nothing.

So, the power is in your hands.  What are you going to do with it?


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  • Darlene G
    August 21, 2014

    If I knew what my right direction was, I would head in it.

  • Larrah H
    September 25, 2014

    I think the point is just to make a decision and go with it Darlene. If you don't make a decision--or choose a direction--you end up heading in a direction anyway. Might as well make it a conscious, voluntary act than something that "happens" to you.

  • Brian T.
    September 25, 2014

    I love this "You can be the star of your own life. You don’t have to be an extra. But you’re going to have to make decisions. Right or wrong, making a decision will get you moving. And you’ll find out one hell of a lot quicker if it’s the right one, than you will by sitting on your ass doing nothing."

    Time to get off the couch and make a decision! Scary but exciting.

  • Coach Shawn K. Carpenter
    Shawn K. Carpenter
    October 18, 2014

    Hi Darlene, Larrah, and Brian... I'm just reading through your comments now - I really appreciate you taking the time to leave them! To be perfectly honest, I have been a little slow in setting up my Life Coach Hub profile in its entirety. My practice and family have been keeping me busy;-)

    Darlene, I completely agree with Larrah's comment - if we're faced with any options and we're not sure which one to choose, most times if we just pick one either we'll pool all of our resources into making that the right one or we'll find out very quickly that it's not the right course for us and we'll change direction.

    That said, sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to decide, and/or we really have no inclination as to what options are available to us. In that case, there are serval things you can do. While it really depends on your situation, a very helpful tool can be t ask yourself, "If I had all the time and money in the world, what would I be doing?" Or better: "If I was assured of success, what would I start striving toward?" Another way of going about this is to ask, "What am I really good at?" Those questions may give you a starting place, depending on what it is that would constitute right direction for you.

    Perhaps the most powerful question you can ask is: "How can I make a difference in a way that (this person, etc) can really take in?" This particular question can give rise to transformation in all areas - professionally and personally.

  • Coach Shawn K. Carpenter
    Shawn K. Carpenter
    October 18, 2014

    While everyone has very different goals, challenges, and circumstances, I want to share two quick stories as to what a strategy session can do:

    Last year, I had the opportunity to help someone in a very dire circumstance. He was a young man (24 years old) who was addicted to drugs, had just attempted suicide, had no income or job, no plan for the future, and lived at home with his mom. The two of them were always fighting. The one thing he had going for him was that he wanted to change. She knew of what I did, so she got hold of me. Keep in mind, that this young man only ever did the one strategy session. His result? He completely turned his life around. He became drug-free, found a high-paying job that he loved, moved out on his own and improved his relationship with his mom, and began training in the martial arts 2 hours per day.

    Several weeks ago, I did a Strategy Session for a group of about 10 Realtors, as I mentioned to you. The response that I received was incredible: “It was awesome! So good. Lots of emotions. (Several people) are signing up for sure. (One person who is signing up) broke down crying and had to leave the room. She said it hit her on so many different levels. (Another person) was very emotional too. Everyone thanked me after and we talked about how it changed my life - for 10 minutes afterward and another 5 minutes at one of the listings we previewed. Thank you for that. Was amazing to see their appreciation and reaction. You are going to help a lot of people."

    There are a lot of things that you can do to reach your goals and create transformation for yourself and those around you. Coaching with me will have you reach new levels in your professional and personal life in a way that is more empowering and fulfilling than you’ve ever experienced (that is, of course, if you commit to doing the work I give you!)

  • Coach Shawn K. Carpenter
    Shawn K. Carpenter
    October 18, 2014

    Brian - I think you said it perfectly: scary but exciting! And that's one way to truly feel alive!


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