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Changing Your Perspective: Find that Ray of Sunshine

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Learn to find the ray of sunshine in the clouds!There it is! You wake up one day and everything that you knew to be in the right place turns upside down. Your boss seems to have lost his mind. Your co-workers are stressedout and snapping like bubble wrap. Your so-called new significant other gets mad and dumps you. Then in the midst of it all, your child gets so sick they end up in the emergency room.

This all sounds like a reality show gone bad, but in fact is a real story in the life of an actual person. Hearing something like this leaves you wondering if they had been a terrible individual in a past life! If they had, it seems like karma just got hyped up off of steroids and made a crash landing in their front yard! This of course was not the case, but there was no rhyme or reason why all of this was happening.

Changing your perpsective can help you bounce back

A week like this is one that could cause any person to simply shut down and tune out the world. Then again, there are those who instead may have used this as opportunity to re-evaluate their life to determine what was really important.

  • What makes the person who can’t take it so different than the one who takes it in stride as just a part of life?
  • How can some people experience being stressed to the max on the inside yet never break a sweat on the outside?
  • Why are some people handed so many lemons in life while others seem to skate by without even the smallest conflict coming their way?

No one can really answer those questions without another person coming along to challenge the answer - because it’s all about perspective. One person’s perspective may be “you get what you got, even if it’s not a lot and just deal with it!”  Another outsider looking in may feel people like this choose the hard road on purpose; but, the obvious is that sometimes they don’t even know there is more than one road available to even pick from.

Innately, humans are judgmental even back to our childhood. As we age, hopefully we learn to become less and less judgmental due to our own life’s experiences and the compassion for others we hold in our hearts.


What is your inner capacity?

It is a fact that some people simply have drama filled lives when other don’t! What makes people survive these tumultuous times and bounce back without being bitter is a combination of capacity and love. 

We each have our own capacity to withstand things in regards to our spiritual, physical, mental and financial well-being.  Those with a greater depth of capacity or tolerance for negative events have usually learned the secrets to dealing with them because they’ve had to for the sake of their own survival.

Life’s journey never comes with a road map and we are all paving the road the best way we know how to with what tools we get. Whether you are the one in turmoil or you see others living it, it helps to remember:

  • Bad thingshappen to both good and not so good people  
  • Not everything in this life is self- inflicted, stop the blame game
  • Sickness, heartbreak, stress and disappointment are equal opportunity offenders
  • Many people have been where you are but they’ve simply not told you about it
  • Life is cyclical – what goes down eventually goes up
  • Judging others or even ourselves only gives us a sentence we usually can’t afford to serve
  • Everyone’s ability to cope, forgive or bounce back is not the same - give yourself or others time and a chance to deal and heal
  • Hope belongs to everyone but you have to want it and believe in it

Find that ray of sunshine

They say when life hands you lemons make lemonade. I say though we cannot stop the rain storm from coming, once it’s over there’s a ray of sun that will find it’s way through every cloud! Hold on so you can see its beauty but don’t stop moving towards it no matter what happens!


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