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COVID-19 and Growth Mindset

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We take responsibility for our life

COVID-19 Impact

A few weeks ago, I found and shared the following diagram on Facebook.

As a self-care and life coach, I felt it was an incredibly potent tool for supporting individuals in moving through the COVID-19 crisis. 

The day I posted the diagram on my feed, I got a message from a very frustrated young lady. She seemed to feel that it passed some harsh and harmful judgment on those finding this time particularly challenging and unable to move towards growth. I can understand her frustration. 

It is vital to understand what this model is suggesting and how to use it in a way that can be beneficial to everyone. 

Let's do that by diving a little deeper into the continuum and its three stages. Now, what I will share are my thoughts and ideas. I did some digging and tried to find the source of the diagram, but was unable. I, therefore, underline that these ideas might very well differ from those of the creator of the original diagram. 

Fear Zone:

First of all, most of us will find ourselves in this zone some times. We are all human. But, working towards not being stuck here for an extended period is the best thing you can do for yourself. As we will see later on, the most empowering place to be is in the learning zone. That is where you find hope, solutions, motivation, and meaning. And most people can find ways to hang out in the learning zone at least some of the time.

The behaviors listed in this portion of the diagram indicate what your actions might look like if you behave from a place of fear and lack of self-awareness. Being afraid does not mean that you are in the fear zone.  

How you decide to respond to your anxiety or any other emotion does. 

One of the first things you'll want to do to avoid being in this zone for longer than necessary is actually to honor and recognize all your emotions. 

Comfortable or uncomfortable emotions are important messengers. They tell us about what we need and should be used to inform our decisions and actions. It is essential to honor and respect our feelings as well as those of others. 

  • How are you processing and dealing with your emotions right now?
  • Are you using alcohol, drugs, overeating, or other addictive behavior to numb your emotions? 
  • Are you finding ways of processing your emotions that are in your best interest?  

Emotional self-awareness and emotional self-control are skills you can learn.

  • Are you open to finding the resources and support necessary to do so?

Learning Zone:

The learning zone is where the magic happens. When you position yourself in the learning zone, you are allowing yourself to find solutions, be proactive, and improve your circumstances.

None of us is to blame for this pandemic. You've probably heard some people on social media, in your community, or even in the news try to assign blame. These are not people who are presently functioning from the learning zone. When you see someone blaming someone else for a situation, you can be confident that they are acting out of fear. Blame is useless. Taking responsibility is empowering, and that is what we do when we strive to be in the learning zone. We take responsibility for our life no matter what.  

  • The first step in taking responsibility for your circumstances is identifying what is in and out of your control.
  • Once this is clear, let go of what you don't and start getting excited about what you do.
  • Getting clear on what you do control empowers you. There are always elements of your circumstances that you do control, even if it is merely your attitude. And I strongly recommend you not underestimate the power of your attitude. 

In the learning zone, you remain open and non-judgmental about your situation. You do not deny reality or how you feel about it. You become aware of your feelings, and you find ways of processing them in positive, self-supporting ways. You do not deny problems that show up, but you work at finding solutions. And you ask for help and support when you need it. 

Growth Zone:

In the growth zone, you're behaving in ways that are helpful to yourself and those around you. What's interesting is that being in the growth zone helps you stay out of the fear zone. The behaviors in the growth zone reflect values such as appreciation, compassion, creativity, and gratitude. 

These are qualities and vibrations that have a positive synergetic impact on the world around you. If you can work on developing a learner's mindset, your ability to move towards the growth zone will automatically be enhanced. 

Most of us go back and forth on this continuum from day to day if not minute to minute. It is not an easy process, and circumstances can make it even more challenging. But when we choose to approach life from this perspective, we are giving meaning to hardship and challenge.  If you are not sure how to begin, please take the time to get the help and support you need. 

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." 
Martin Luther King Jr.


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