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Eudaimonic Happiness: Why We May be Chasing the Wrong Goals. Part 2

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A coach can help you live the right type of happiness.

The Orientation to Happiness Scale and the Full Life vs Empty Life Scale are two tools counselors use to measure three routes to happiness: pleasure (hedonia), meaning (eudaimonia) and engagement (flow).

Many studies indicate that eudaimonia is central to a person's well-being and is a crucial building block to life enjoyment. Hedonia and engagement build on personal joy. The degree to which each adds joy is dependent on individual personality. Thus, the Orientation to Happiness Scale and the Full Life vs Empty Life Scale may be useful in determining congruence between an individual's current lifestyle and their optimal life.

Many studies surrounding these scales indicate life joy is frequently hierarchal in nature, with the base comprising meaning, followed by engagement with hedonic pleasure last serving as icing on the proverbial cake; yet many people are living lives inverting the pyramid, or corrupting the pyramid or nearly deleting a layer in its entirety, wondering why they feel unfulfilled.

Life coaching experts are an excellent resource to find out what your current pyramid looks like and how to build a personal pyramid that works best for you.

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