Fear of Trusting: Six Reasons You Fear Trust


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What's causing your fear of trust?

Fear of….

What is stopping you from trusting? Here are six reasons you fear trust.

1. Fear of Being hurt

Honestly, taking the leap can hurt. I will not lie to you, but I would rather get dirty than stand on the sidelines watching everyone else.

2. Fear of Being vulnerable

It’s much easier to be vulnerable when you love yourself fully. I mean all of you. When you’re less afraid of being rejected, you’re more willing to be in a place of openness.

3. Fear of Being happy

So many of us are afraid to be too happy because it’s an unfamiliar space or we feel we don’t deserve it. Then we find ways to sabotage this happy feeling.

Before you go running for the hills: Stop, take a deep breathe, welcome happiness with open arms, and see how long it lasts. You may just be surprised.

4. Fear of showing them the REAL you

If you’re trying to be someone you’re not, then you’re robbing the world of what you have to offer. You are the best YOU. Let go of who you’re not and EMBRACE who you are.

5. Fear of Failure

If you’re always striving for something that’s not realistic, then you open the door for negative self-talk. Failure actually makes us better people. If we don’t know what doesn’t work, how will we find out what does.

6. Self-doubt

Your inner critics can pop up frequently. Question them. Decide if they’re real or made up. Rephrase your negative voices until they reflect the positivity of who you actually are.

Action Steps

So, do any of these fall into your greatest fear hit list? Did you know that the life you want involves taking a HUGE risk? 

It’s scary I know, because the truth is you may fall flat on your face or end up with a broken heart. But then again, it can be the step you needed to take to accomplish your ultimate goal. Taking the leap could show you a love that is more than you could have dreamed of.  

So, before that inner critic starts telling you why you shouldn’t, I challenge you to take the leap and TRUST.

Photo Credit : Mike Baird

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