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How To Be Happy Everyday: 10 Tips

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quick tips to boost happiness

Happiness mainly starts with our thoughts: our interpretations, beliefs and conclusions about what is happening in our lives

You can instantly feel happier by changing what you are thinking. Another way is to stop yourself from thinking negatively.

10 TIps to Boost your happiness

To instantly boost your happiness, try these quick tips:

  1. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Make a list of all the things you are grateful for. Nothing is too small. Focus on all the good things you DO have, not what you do NOT have.
  2. Make a list of 15 positive things about yourself, which can be your personality, quirks, talents, etc.
  3. Call - not write/text - someone who has been kind to you and thank them
  4. Download/play your favorite fast dance song. Listen to it and dance freely where no one can see you
  5. Call a friend or write in a journal and share all of your new ideas and thoughts. Focus only on the good opportunities/possibilities in your life. Do not talk about negative situations, financial problems, or things that are impossible
  6. Make a list of activities that make you happy. Afterwards, immediately make a plan to do at least one of those things this week
  7. Write a plan on how you can achieve your goals. Make your plan specific and in short, attainable steps. Moving towards a goal actually brings more happiness than the actual achievement of that goal
  8. Watch a video of infants or toddlers laughing. Seeing a child smile or laugh increases happiness. Or, make yourself smile for 15 minutes. The act of smiling unconsciously increases thoughts and feelings of happiness
  9. Tell a funny joke to make someone else laugh.
  10. Meditate in natural environments to a relaxing melody. Meditation is scientifically-linked to changing brain activity and triggering activity in the "happy" brain regions.  It helps to feel "oneness" with the universe.


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